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Take a look at your website and the content that is on your site.  Everything should be optimized so that it will come up easier in the search engines.  If you are using photos and have photo tags, these too must be optimized for the search engines.  You need to go through your entire website to make sure that you are search engine optimized.  


Chances are that you will not see the results of optimizing your website text right away.  It can take a month or two before the search engines start to pick up on the optimization and your page starts to rise in rankings. 

Many companies that practice SEO marketing will help you raise your rankings in a month and some will promise that you will be in the first five pages of the search engine results pages in the next six months.  


Before you can optimize your website text, however, you have to first figure out which keywords you should use for this purpose. 

Take a look at what your website is promoting or selling and then figure out what you are trying to accomplish when you promote your website. 

If you are selling something, what are some of the searches that customers will perform to get to your product?  Once you can figure this out, you can then change the website text to reflect this information.  You want to use several keywords for each page and also incorporate the use of long tailed keywords for your site as well. 


Do not forget tags on videos as well as photos that are on your site.  They should also be optimized to raise your rankings in the search engines.  All aspects of your site should be looked at carefully to make sure that you are getting the most from your text and photos you put online.  

Most marketing companies that work with webmasters in order to help them gain prominence for their sites online will use both SEO as well as link building in order to get the site noticed.   Marketing companies will often give you SEO content that can be put elsewhere on the web and linked to your site that includes blogs and articles and in some cases, videos.  However, they often do not do anything with your existing website. 

Make the most of your website by using website text that is optimized for the search engines to make it easy for those who are most likely to use your site easily find it. 


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