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What Gets Noticed By The Search Engines?


Google and Yahoo are two of the search engines that use SEO.  While there are those who say that both of them also rely heavily upon link building when it comes to page placement in the search engine results,  both of them also rely heavily on search engine optimization. using keywords.

They send their search engine bots through the text to pick up keywords to help rank the page.  The bots pick up both long tailed and regular keywords.

Long tailed keywords are phrases that appear throughout the text and will be discussed in later. 


One other factor which figures heavily in the Yahoo search engine rankings (as it does in other search engines) is link building and page building. 

The search engine will rank a website higher if it has many links back to the site from other good quality websites.

This is very prevalent with the giant information site, Wikipedia.  You have probably noticed that this site often comes up when you are searching for information.  That is because there are so many backlinks throughout the web that link back to this site.


When you are on a Wikipedia page, you will notice hyperlinks to other areas of the site. This large link network creates hundreds of thousands of pages that are all linked together to dominate the search engine results.  In addition to link building, however, Wikipedia also uses keyword SEO.  If you study any Wikipedia article, you can pick out the keywords and see how often they are used.


There are positive ways to get your website noticed, and bad ways aka “black hat” techniques that can get a website banned from the search engines. 

This can be self defeating, so you want to be sure that you naturally build up your ranking in the search engines through the use of SEO and other strategies.

One way that you can naturally build up your rankings in the search engine is to properly implement SEO in all of the text that is committed to your website.  You want to be sure not to use keyword stuffing, which is when you have too much of a keyword density in your text.  You should have 2-3% keyword density for your text.

While there are other ways to market your website without using SEO, but once your site is search engine optimized, you can expect to get more traffic to your site from the search engines.

What Is SEO?

Using SEO In Text

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