Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Do You Want To Run Your Own Business Where You Could Earn £75-£100 per hour? The Only Way To Earn That Sort of Money Is To Own Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business!

If you want to be in charge of your own destiny and earn a ton of money, then start your own carpet cleaning business! It really could be a super-smart move!

Sure, carpet cleaning may not always be the most glamorous of jobs, but it is so insanely profitable it’s a no-brainer to start your own carpet cleaning business, and because demand is growing and you can’t buy it online your future is secure!

I have been all over the world on the proceeds of my carpet cleaning business and I am living my dream life. Yes. From carpet cleaning. That’s what we want for you too, and you really can start your highly profitable empire with the right help!

But Starting Any Business Isn’t Easy

If you want to start a carpet cleaning business it won’t be easy. Just being honest.

At times it can seem like you are all alone. Your spouse may not understand what you are going through. Your friends are busy and don’t want to talk “shop” when you go out for a beer. You don’t want to waste your precious time away from your kids because they grow up so fast!

Why start from scratch? That just doesn’t make sense! We will answer all the questions you have and help you get on your feet quickly! We will help you answer questions like:

  • “How much should I charge for my carpet cleaning services?”
  • “Will I make more money being employed for half the hassle?”
  • “How will I get my customers?”
  • “How do I keep my customers?”
  • What is a USP / UVP and why do I need one?
  • “How do I ensure I am truly Pricing For Profit.”

All these questions (and many more) are answered in this course!

This Is Not Just A Marketing Course

In this course we don’t just focus on sales & marketing, although they are 2 essential elements to your business success and we do cover each subject in some depth to help you get going. 

In this course we focus on giving you a fully rounded, balanced business education to help you make the most of the wonderful opportunities that only business ownership presents.

What You’ll Learn In This Complete Course

  • The key traits of an entrepreneur
  • How to find time in the day to grow your business
  • The basics of sales and marketing
  • How to run the “back-end” functions of your business
  • How to target your ideal customers
  • How to adapt the marketing we give you and use it
  • How to grow a strong stable business from the start


  • How to get more referrals (the lifeblood of your business)
  • How to join with other businesses
  • How to price for profit
  • Put price in it’s place
  • The exact steps needed to professionally quote


What You Get … 

This course is huge, so to keep things interesting we have mixed up the media used to teach this course since we realize most people these days don’t want to download and read thousands of PDF’s, so this course is delivered in a mixture of PDF downloads, videos and text based online courses.

For example, most of the theory is in easy to digest video form so you can pause it as you go along and make notes. However, most of the marketing and office functions are “done for you” downloadable PDF’s and Word docs so you enter your business name in the areas provided, print them off and get marketing your business straight away!

Ok … what do you get? You get everything you need to know to start and run a tip-top, highly organized and highly profitable carpet cleaning business.

You get things like this …

Your Complete Guide To Awesomeness

In the first part of this incredible course we will have a look at the #1 person in your business.

NO! That’s NOT your customer, that’s YOU.

In this huge guide we also go through your time management, your essential business numbers, the 3M method for marketing success, your customers, your competition and the basics of sales and marketing too.

We will also walk you through the importance of value, price and positioning too.

On top of all that, we also show you how to create your own systems. A system is a set of routine actions which produce the right end result every time, so with The Carpet Cleaning College behind you you can systemize making money from your carpet cleaning business.

Finally, there is a checklist system you can print off which contains around 200 short and simple tactics, some new, some previously mentioned in depth, which you can just tick off when you have implemented them into your business.

Your 90 Day Success Planner

This rotating 90 day planner will help you keep your business systems on track. Every 90 days you will create your new plan for your business goals, depending on what is the most valuable use of your time in the following 3 month period.

This plan will help you get to grips with all elements of your business, from corporate image and branding, systems, advertising content, strategic alliances and much, much more.

The Step By Step Quotation Process

This guide has been written to walk you through the entire quotation process. Though some businesses don’t do this, we always recommend you visit the customer to quote, especially if it’s a new prospect (someone you haven’t seen before.)

This is because people will only ever buy from people they know, like and trust. Well … would you buy from someone you didn’t know, didn’t like or didn’t trust?

A massive part of your business will be constantly working on getting as many repeat business opportunies and referrals as possible, and by far the best way for you to show how awesome you are is to go out and meet people and have a chat with them.

So this guide tells you exactly what to do when you meet with the prospect for the first time. It covers everything you need to know to deliver an award winning presentation; we even cover how to knock on the door properly and shake hands!

The last thing you discuss in your whole process should be the price (because you need to bring the prospect up to fever pitch first) and we will show you how to use the quote form we have given you to quote. This form has been designed to be used in conjunction with the “Profit Booster – Cash Injector” system which is guaranteed to raise your average order value by at least £40-£80 per job!

If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry, it really isn’t. Everything is clearly explained and once you’ve done it a few times it’ll be second nature. Why not take the time to practice those few times on your friends and family members before you hit “Joe Public” with your awesome new business? 

The Carpet Cleaning Process

This part of the course tells you in detail how to actually clean a carpet.

Kinda important, don’t you think?

We will teach you how to deep clean a carpet in a professional way which is sure to impress your prospects and set you apart from your more questionable competitors!

We also show you the order to do things in so you can be highly productive and not waste a ton of time waiting for the processes to happen.

Your Profit Booster Cash Injector

This system has been designed to work with the quotation form we send you.

One of the hardest things when you are out quoting is to make more money on every job because there will always be other businesses cheaper than you are.

Don’t worry about it … that’s a fact of life. Whatever else you do

 DO NOT spend all your time competing with the low cost cowboys! You will just end up tired and broke in a race to the bottom.

Embrace the fact you WILL be more expensive than some of your competitors … 

BUT  … if you are more expensive than your competition you need to ensure you do everything you can to highlight your professionalism and give ther customer fair options.

Once you have set up your pricing spreadsheet it will produce consisten, high quality quotations which gives the customer 4 options, of which relaistically you expect them to only take 2. This spreadsheet also gives you a couple of ways how you can counter any argument the customer may give you about the cost.

Pricing For Profit

Pricing For Profit … sound like a good idea to you?

Sure, it sounds obvious, but you will be amazed at how few business don’t do it. Many businesses, especially new businesses, will spend all their time competign with their competitors, but this is an extremely dangerous practice and is a sure fire way to hit the bottom – quickly.

Instead, we want to show you how you can make great profits on your business and distinguish yourself from your competitors and, using a variety of techniques we will go through in this course, we will show you how you can outshine your (usually much cheaper) competitors .

Marketing And Copywriting Basics

One of the greatest marketers to ever live said …

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.” – David Ogilvy

This guide will help you write marketing materials which will really grab your prospects attention and attract your target market.

Get More Referrals

Referrals and Strategic Alliances are essential to your carpet cleaning future.

Not only do you get an almighty buzz when a new prospect calls and tells you they were given your details by a thrilled friend, they are also the cheapest way of getting new business bar none.

I haven’t advertised since 2011, and I still get all the work I want from repeat business, referrals and Strategic Alliances.

In this guide we tell you all you need to know to create your own winning referral system which will consistently bring in high quality leads to your business.

We also go through our own referral system which you are welcome to copy or adapt as you see fit.


14 Items Of Marketing To Start You Off

When you are just starting out in business, no matter what anyone says you DON’T need every bit of marketing on the planet … you just need marketing which works!

So, on your marketing CD (or downloadable folder) you will get all the marketing you need to start your business off.

You will get:

  • Consumer Guide To Carpet Cleaning (a great free download for your website so you can get their details)
  • An A4 Vouchers page with 6 vouchers on it for you fill in and hand out to get SIX tries at getting more referral business from the same person!
  • Stain removal and carpet care fact sheet
  • Postcard Ads
  • Advice sheets on why carpet cleaning needs to be done
  • “On the day of the clean” sheet to give to customers
  • A4 ad great for door drops
  • Simple brochure for you to use as you get started
  • and so much more.


Run Your Back Office Flawlessly

This download is all about helping ensure you run a super-smooth business “behind the scenes.”

Running a super-slick business “behind the scenes” is vital becuase if yoiur back office functions are not orgaised it will spill over to your carpet cleaning services.

For example, if you can run a proper diary (which is a lot harder than you may think) then you could be travelling many miles in-between appointments, buring up a ton of fuel and time. As another example, if you don’t get a decent system for taking the prospects details, then, if you are running late, you won’t have their number to call them so they’ll hate you for being late … not the best start to a business relationship, is it?

So, on this CD (or downloadable folder) you will get everything you need to run a super-sleek business, like:

  • Quote forms
  • A form to leave the customer on the day of the clean
  • “I Miss You” letters (when you haven’t heard from a customer in a while)
  • Letter to leave customer after the clean
  • Job confirmatione mail template
  • Thank you for the business letter
  • Job confirmation email
  • Telephone pads
  • And much more besides

This course contains everything you need to know to start and grow your carpet cleaning business, from start-up to growth to seriously big and highly profitable business.

What We Say About This Course … 

“This course contains everything you need to know to ensure you can start and grow your business from scratch. Everything we have written is perfect for your carpet cleaning business and is easy to implement in bite sized chunks. You know, business success is not a black art … with a structured education program like this you can achieve the most amazing things and reach those dreams you hope for. 

I seriously wish I had a course like this when I was growing my own carpet cleaning business in the early noughties. This course will ensure you do this whole business thing properly, right from the start, and not just learn to clean a carpet!”



Paul Baker – Principal, The Carpet Cleaning College

Why Re-Invent The Wheel? Time Is Your Most Precious Asset … Don’t Waste A Second Of It Trying To Do It All Yourself When It’s Already Been Done For You.

Your No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee

You make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, within a whole 120 Days of receiving this product, you’re not completely satisfied, return it all to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

YEP … I Want It … What Do I Do Now? 

Carpet cleaning is so insanely profitable I don’t blame you for thinking of starting your own carpet cleaning business, but now you’re probably thinking to yourself …

Q: “How much does all this incredible profit boosting, business building information cost?”

A: A lot less than you may think!

Your Carpet Cleaning Success - For Newbies
This course will be sent to you as a HUGE folder with details of a huge number of downloads available from your own online control panel!
Price: £515.00
Price: £249.00


Here are the questions relating to this course.

Is This Just Another General Business Course?

No! This course has been written by highly experienced carpet cleaners just for carpet cleaners. 

How Do I Know It's Any Good?

The writer of these courses has over 15 years in the industry and has helped many businesses tuen their businesses around. You do get a whole 6 months to decide if this course has any value to you because we do guarantee your complete love of this course!

Is Your Guarantee Really For 90 Days?

Yes. If you’re not happy just click on any of the refund links dotted around this page, fill in the form and once we receive everything back we will refund your money within 48 hours of receipt.

Is This Just Another Marketing Course?

No. As we said a moment ago although we definitely do send you a lot of courses, tip sheets and strategies to help you with your sales and marketing issues, we don’t just help with sales and marketing because whilst these 2 elements are undoubtedly important they are just 2 elements that make up the complex cog that is an efficient, successful, highly profitable business.

For example, creating a USP and branding are also incredibly important to your business success too, which is why we have developed a wide range of great profit boosting information on virtually every business subject you can think of to help you grow your business in a measured, stable manner.

What we don’t want for you is to have a massive influx of poor quality customers, those “low hanging fruit” customers we talk about quite often on this site, and not be able to get out of the lots of work for little pay trap.