Carpet Cleaning Business Accelerator Program

If you’re tired of working so hard for little money, or maybe you’re in the trap of accepting any customer you can get, then our Business Accelerator Program is for you.

This daily email only course has been written by carpet cleaners just for carpet cleaners, and has designed to send you great marketing, sales and business advice, as well as give you all the tools you need to get the job done.


Every single day you will receive an email with marketing, sales, profit boosting or business boosting tips and strategies to help you build and grow an booming business. Those emails could be a video, email, quizes, guides, guest posts or a whole host of other goodies, but one thing they won’t be is BORING!

Everything we have written is tailor made for your carpet cleaning business, and is written by carpet cleaners for carpet cleaners. Everything in this course is sent to you in an easy to implement way, in bite sized chunks.

What’s more, in the very first email we send you will receive a code for a whopping 25% OFF everything in the store too! It’s TRUE! Just being a member of the Accelerator Program will entitle you to 25% off everything in the store!

Business success is not a black art … with this structured email program of great marketing and business know-how you can all achieve the most amazing things in your carpet cleaning business.

What Do You Get On The Accelerator Program?

Here’s what you will receive as a member …
  • 25% OFF everything in the shop!
  • 30 Day Business Growth Planner (entire month 2)
  • Quizzes
  • Reduced mentoring costs
  • Top advice and tips from the experts here at CCC and guest articles too
  • How to’s
  • Cheat sheets
  • Free courses to improve your knowledge (coming soon)
  • Inspiring ideas, tips and strategies on what’s worked in my businesses (and how to avoid the mistakes)
  • Lessons from history
  • … and so much more!

We Will Help You Cut Through The Cr*p

In this course we also aim to highlight all the utter sh*te us business owners are told time and again

1. “The customer is always right.”

I mean seriously … who makes up this garbarge?

Of course they’re not always right … are you always right in your buisness? Me neither! If you don’t get everything right all the time, how can the customer? But what really matters is how you tell the customer they’re wrong!


2. “All customers are worth having. “

Yep. That’s what I thought too. And I Went Bust. KAPUT. 

3. The Sole Purpose Of A Business Is To Serve Customers

NO! The sole purpose of a business is to make money for you, the business owner. Tons of the stuff. If all you want to do is serve customers, then work at McDonalds.


4. Sending Out Tons of Marketing Is The #1 Way To Grow Your Business

Sending it out to who? Most marketing companies will be happy to get you more shite customers. Who wants them?


4. You Can’t Charge More Than Our Competitors

If price were all that mattered in a buying decision there would be no Rolex watches, Porsche cars or Apple computers. After all, isn’t the saying “cheap and nasty” perceived to be true?


5. If you’re busy, you’re successful

Nonsense. We will show you why you should aim for one customer at £100 NOT 2 at £50


6. It Takes Forever To Grow A Successful Business

Yes, it does take time, and NOTHING will change in your business unless you make the time to grow it, but we will teach you how to grow your business, step by step which will produce staggering results in your business.

Your Business Accelerator Program is perfect for those carpet cleaners out there who want to learn how to charge more, make more profit and get better quality customers. Get daily help and support, tips and tricks to help you grow your business to super success.

This email course will help you tell the business facts from the business fiction. The right from wrong. The downright lies we have all been peddled to the cold hard truths of business.

But This Course Is Not Just About The Marketing …

Marketing your carpet cleaning business is important. Of course it is. But there’s so much more to running a highly profitable carpet cleaning business than just marketing.

In fact, if you’ve got your finances wrong to start with the last thing you want is more customers!

We will help you with the finer points of running a tip top carpet cleaning business too, those things which will set you apart from your competition.

  • Like your finances.
  • Like getting repeat business and referrals (we’ll send you our killer referral scheme in this course)
  • Like customer selection
  • Like branding
  • Like pricing for profit
  • Like tips and tricks to demonstrate your credibility
  • Like your positioning
  • Like creating a UVP

What we don’t want for you is to have a massive influx of poor quality customers, those “low hanging fruit” customers who want to pay you next to nothing for your hard work. Because they just suck. Sound fair enough?

Honesty Section …

We really do want you to succeed, but you simply have to realise that there is no magic bullet.

Sorry about that.

Those who say developing a super successful, mega profitable carpet cleaning business is easy is talking out their a**e. There are also those who will tell you to look to the sky, click your heels together 3 times and ask the powers that be for help and you will magically find wealth.


Sure, a totally positive attitude is vital but this self paced program is gonna be hard work.

Just so you know … if making shed loads of money was easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The Carpet Cleaning College Says … 

“We know this course isn’t for everyone … as mad as it sounds not everyone wants to be successful or invest even a tiny amount in their business. This course is NOT for the plodders. No, this course has been designed for the super serious business owners who want to grow their business and become far more profitable in a structured way, quickly. We want you to be highly profitable so your business provides you, the business owner, with an excellent standard of living.”

Paul Baker

Paul Baker Is Offering Free carpet Cleaning Training

Can’t You Just Do It All Yourself …?

Of course … that is exactly what we show you how to do in this Business Accelerator Program! We will send you regular marketing materials which you simply just have to “fill in the blanks,” print off and send out into the world!

As well as “fill in the blanks” marketing, you will also get “done for you” sales templates, as well as dozens of “behind the scenes” templates to make your own business run just that little bit smoother.

Okay Then Popeye, I’m Interested …

If you do want to be making tons of totally scrummy profit, get better quality customers and start living the life you were really meant to, then we can help you reach your goals in a long-term, sustainable growth kinda way.


You will succeed because we don’t just focus on getting you more business; we focus on helping you create a balanced, stable business where all elements of running a business work seamlessly together to create a highly profitable, highly stable business.

Your future really is in your own hands, and we will give you all the tools you need to ensure it is a truly bright future. With The Carpet Cleaning College you really can make a massive success of your carpet cleaning business for little more than pocket change.

Business Accelerator Program
This email only course will send you ads, marketing tips and tricks, business and profit boosting strategies and so much more, directly to your inbox! TRY US FOR NEXT TO NOTHING! JUST £4.95 FOR THE FIRST 14 DAYS! Give us a try for just £4.95 for the first £14 days, then it's just this much a month ...
Price: £24.50

Many people have asked us how we can do it so cheaply. Well, firstly we want to help you out. We want to help you live a great life, because life’s so short but there’s so much to see and do. Second, the daily emails are subsidized by discreet advertising, to help keep the costs to you right down.


What If I Need More help?

This program is perfect for those who need help and advice to grow their business. However, if you feel you need more hands on help, then our Diploma Program might be for you!

What If I'm Unhappy?

We have worked really hard to make this a brilliant program which will propel your business to super success. However, we know it won’t be for everyone. So, if you are not happy, for any reason, simply cancel your direct debit. We will try and chase the payment a few times but after that your emails will stop. 

If I Cancel, Can I Start Again From Where I Left Off Later?

If you decide to leave that’s totally fine. We really do wish you well on your journey to super-success.

However, if you decide to rejoin the programme at a later date you will need to start the program from the beginning, so please do think carefully about leaving the program behind and forsaking the incredible profit boosting, time saving, money making emails you’re getting.