With hindsight my biggest regret is not finding a mentor earlier into my journey. It was 3 or 4 years of pretty hard times until I found a business development coach as part of a Business Improvement program run by the UK government.


Once I started to get help with running my business I stopped doing dumb things in my business … like putting up with poor quality customers and working for peanuts. I learned to place value at the heart of everything I do.


A business mentor is great to help you stop doing unprofitable tasks and to help you focus on where the money is. A good business mentor will help you realise it’s not the number of job you do every week that counts, but the amount of profit you are making on every job that counts.

Mentoring is essential for new and existing carpet cleaning businesses and can give you honest and constructive feedback, as well as providing useful contacts and passing on valuable experience. Meeting with a business mentor will also give you a chance to discuss your ideas, voice any areas of concern you may have about any aspect of your business and generally benefit from the wealth of experience that our business mentors have.

Your mentor has no other agenda apart from your success and our mentors will give you honest feedback and help, even if you may not want to hear it sometimes. This allows your Mentor to give unbiased independent support to help your business grow and develop.

We provide mentorship programmes to suit all kinds of businesses, from startups all the way through to established businesses but don’t feel like a fraud who is looking for shortcuts … what’s the point in re-inventing the wheel? If someone can help guide you to success quicker and the cost of these training sessions will pay for itself so very quickly and forever, why wouldn’t you get help?

Unsure why you should have a mentor? Find out here!

FACT: No Action ALWAYS Equals No Results.

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Business mentoring is a rewarding positive experience for both the mentor and the mentee which not only supports your business growth but helps you develop personally too.

But your success depends on you taking ACTION. 

Book your mentoring session now. We GUARANTEE you will get so much value from the experience we will refund all your investment paid if you are not totally invigorated, inspired and totally BUZZING from the experience.

We get a MASSIVE kick out of your success.

Seeing you and your business grow is like Business Viagra for us.

All the staff here at The Carpet Cleaning College have all been running businesses for a very long time, so our knowledge is unparalleled. This means we can help you with pretty much every aspect of running a business, including:

? Sales
? Marketing
? Scripts
? Systems
? Sales Letters
? Finances
? Profit
? Branding
… and much, much more.

How Much Does Personal Coaching Cost?

Our 1 to 1 What’sApp chat only costs £95.00 (+VAT) for 45 minutes and we guarantee you will get so much value from our chat and learn a ton of great information to apply in your business.

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