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We help carpet cleaners all over the world become more profitable and more successful.

After 20 years in carpet cleaning, I now clean carpets part-time and teach the next generation of carpet cleaners the rest of the time, and I can honestly say many carpet cleaners really don’t know how incredibly lucky we are in carpet cleaning because, with housing needs increasing, carpets back in style and an inability to buy quality carpet cleaning services online, demand for carpet cleaning is growing!

What’s more, it’s highly profitable and because you can’t buy it online your successful future is assured! How many other businesses can say that?

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Is This Site Just For Carpet Cleaners?

This site has been written by carpet cleaners, for carpet cleaners. That said, we have received incredible feedback from window cleaners, guttering cleaners and general cleaners too who have all said they have gained a tremendous amount of profitable business from our courses.

Do You Just Focus On Marketing For Carpet Cleaners?

No! We focus on all aspects of running a highly profitable and highly successful business, like sales, marketing, profit, value, and lots of other things which are essential to your business success. After all, we could get you lots of  new business tomorrow, but if you are not pricing properly, then getting more business is actually the last thing you need!

How Are You Qualified To Teach Us Anything?

I started carpet cleaning in 2004, and straight away I employed a marketing company to boost my business. That’s what you do right? BUT … the company I employed was terrible! I got almost no business at all AND paid them a fortune for the priveledge too.

SO … since 2006 I have been learning everything I can about sales, marketing, cash flow, business and so on, and I started taking notes which I then let my friends use to grow their businesses too, and those notes really worked for them!

Since 2010 I have continued to learn everything there is about business, and have turned those same notes into the courses you see here on the very trade specifc courses you see here on the Carpet Cleaning College, and on my sister course at The Business Super Heroes.

The courses you see here are very trade specific and are tailored for carpet cleaners, though many other cleaning types of businesses have said they have found tremendous value from them too.