Carpet Cleaning Courses

All our carpet cleaning courses have been written by true carpet cleaning professionals with over 60 years experience between them! These courses are not full of hot air, fluff and nonsense which you really don’t need to know, but are instead crammed full of real-world strategies to help you market yourself better, sell to better quality customers and win more high-end quotations!

These carpet cleaning courses will come to you in one or two huge folders PLUS a huge amount of additional downloadable content from your online course control panel, depending on what you’ve bought!

Your Carpet Cleaning Success - For Newbies
This course will be sent to you as a HUGE folder with details of a huge number of downloads available from your own online control panel!
Price: £515.00
Price: £395.00
The Momentous Marketing Machine (Course and
This pack contains everything you need to know to grow your carpet cleaning business to super success and will be sent to you as a huge folder, as well as a huge number of additional downloads available from your control panel. Not only have we given you everything to be able to create knock your socks off ads yourself, we have even given you dozens of ready made, fill in the blanks and send ads and sales letters too!
Price: £669.99
Price: £495.00
The MONSTER Guide To Selling Your Carpet Cleaning Services
With this incredibly in-depth pack you will learn every single technique possible to sell your carpet cleaning services for the absolute most amount of money possible.
Price: £149.95
Double Your Profits In 10 Days
Price: £299.00
Price: £149.00
Copywriting For Carpet Cleaners
This is a course we have written under our alter ego "The Business Super Heroes" because it applies equally for carpet cleaners, lawyers, gardeners and funeral directors alike. Have a look!
Price: £69.50
Pricing For Profit (Not Poverty)
This course will show you how to ensure you are Pricing For Profit and also includes the pricing spreadsheet (including full instructions on how to set up the spreadsheet for the way you work!) This course will pay for itself within the first 4 quotations or we'll give you your money back!
Price: £59.99
Price: £69.99
Supercharged referrals
Learn how to create a marketing system which encourages your customers to do your marketing for you!
Price: £39.99

The Carpet Cleaning College Guarantee

We ONLY want people who are thrilled with all the quality information they have been sent but, if you’re not for any reason, you are covered by our 120 day guarantee.


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