About Us

We help carpet cleaners all over the world become more profitable and more successful.

After over 20 years in carpet cleaning, I now clean carpets part-time and teach the next generation of carpet cleaners the rest of the time, and I can honestly say many carpet cleaners really don’t know how incredibly lucky we are in carpet cleaning because, with housing needs increasing, carpets back in fashion and an inability to buy quality carpet cleaning services online, demand for carpet cleaning is booming!

What’s more, it’s highly profitable and because you can’t buy it online your successful future is assured! How many other businesses can say that?

My Qualifications

Why should you trust The Carpet Cleaning College to help you grow your carpet cleaning business? Well, not only have we had over 20 years experience in the trade, we are also highly qualified too!

CMI Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership (Doctorate / Phd in Management)

CMI Level 7 Strategic Direction and Leadership (Masters Level)

CMI Level 7 Professional Consulting (Masters Level)

CMI Level 7 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (Executive Coaching) (Masters Level)

Qualified Business Coach

Microsoft Business Analysis Fundamentals

I am now part-time as a carpet cleaner and I spend the rest of my time teaching other carpet cleaners how to become mega-successful in their businesses.


I Went Bust ...

I went bust in 2010, it was then I then realised the three most important aspects of running a business:

1) Profit is not a dirty word 

2) Not all customers are worth having

3) You can easily have ten thousand customers and still be poor

Everything we teach is based on these 3 solid foundations

The Bottom Line … 

Any business can get the “low hanging fruit” in the customer pool. You know who I mean right … the whingers. The moaners. The scroungers. Those poor quality customers who don’t want to pay you anything.

I will always go for one customer who wants to pay me £100 than 2 customers who begrudgingly pay me £50 any day! Half the work for the same money … what’s not to like?

We want to help your grow your business with awesome customers you really do want to serve.


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