Build Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Yesterday was the best time to grow your carpet cleaning business.

Today is the second best time.

Video Courses

These detailed video courses will take you through everything you need to know about building and growing your carpet cleaning business, and it will do it in a carefully organised, well structured way.

From beginner, to highly proficient. In just an hour a day, for 10 days!

(Please note: these courses are large and as  I didn’t want to slow down this site they are hosted on external servers so you will be redirected to the Payhip platform.)

10 Days To ... Seriously Impressive Sales Results

Learn to sell sell sell with this intense selling course!

10 Days To ... Create A Magnificent Marketing Machine

This contains everything you need to know to market your carpet cleaning business!

10 Days To ... Double Your Profits

Let us show you to to double your profits for ever … in just 10 days!

10 Days To ... Be A Copywriting Writing Legend

We’ll show you how to write words that mean business and will get the tills ringing!

10 Days To ... Become A Respected Leader

Learn how to become a leader people will look up to and follow.

10 Days To ... Launch Your New Business

Learn how to launch and build your new carpet cleaning business.

Other Services From The Carpet Cleaning College

Mentoring Program

Grow a strong, highly profitable business faster

B2B Sales Letters Bumper Pack
This bumper pack of business to business sales letters are perfect to secure you regular, on-going work with other businesses. Each sales letter only costs £25 each and, like everything here at The Carpet Cleaning College, has been tried 'n' tested in real world situations to work! Simply enter a few details and send them off. It's that easy to make money!
Price: £275.00
Price: £149.00