Profit Creation System

I know here at The Carpet Cleaning College we do go on about pricing a lot … and we make no apology for it either. 

Carpet cleaning offers one of the highest profit margins of any trade or profession, meaning we are often paid more than accountants and lawyers, but so many carpet cleaners confuse the number of jobs they do (how “busy they are”) with the amount of profit they make.

Personally I would always rather do one job at £100 than 2 at £50 each,  just so I can say I’m busy. In other words I price for profit, and over the years I have developed an amazing spreadsheet to help me add more money to every clean and price professionally in a standardized way.

A system is simply a set of routines which consistently produces the right end results, every time. It is essential to have a system for everything you do in your business, and pricing your carpet cleaning services is no different. 

How amazing would it be to have a pricing system which would standardize your pricing, make you look like a total professional and just screams FAIR to your customers? Here’s a description of the spreadsheet we made up. If you’re good at Excel you can copy the layout.

As you walk around the property, just complete the spreadsheet as you go round entering the size of the rooms and how dirty they are, then the magic numbers are produced automatically! It’s so easy, and, if you set it up properly, it will make you money everytime you use it!

We believe when you are quoting you should be oing so based on not 1 but 3 parametres, each designed to add to your overall total whilst still screaming FAIR to the customer! Your customer should pay for …

* The size of the room to be cleaned (sq ft) (which is fair)

* How dirty the carpets are (since a dirty carpet will take far longer than a clean carpet to restore) (which is fair)

* What level of service they require (you want more, you pay more) (which is fair.)

If you are good at Microsoft Excel it would be well worth your time making up a spreadsheet and fill it with all sorts of formula and macros to make something similar to the example we have shown above.  You need to be able to enter variables, room condition, number of stairs etc as shown in the picture.

We have given you a picture here because once you know what you are aiming for it is so much easier to make up the macros and formula.

This may take a few weeks but once you have set it all up you will be able to deliver higher quality quotations on your laptop or tablet using this spreadsheet.

 Alternatively, here’s one we have made for you, exclusively for Carpet Cleaning College Members! This “Profit Booster Cash Injector” system will pay for itself within a week in terms of higher, standardised pricing.

This spreadsheet will help you quote accurately based on not 1 but 3 metrics:

  • Size of the area to be cleaned
  • How dirty the carpets are
  • Level of service required

Each of these ways give you a fairer way to price your carpet cleaning for more money!

What makes this spreadsheet so much better is this unique spreadsheet also gives you a number of figures you can use if your client says your quote is too high, and the guide which comes with it also even tells you exactly what to say when you are faced with the dreaded price objection too!

You will get a full guide on how to set up your spreadsheet, and once the spreadsheet is set up as explained in our guide, all you need is a laptop or tablet with excel when you do your quotations and you can start producing high quality, consistent quotations which will raise your average order value by at least £20-£40 per order.

We have been selling this in our shop for £79.99, but as a member you are entitled to a generous discount of 50%!

Price: Now Just £39.95

Seriously, try it out! This spreadsheet will pay for itself in one week GUARANTEED!

(Alternatively, in a few months we will send it to you by email for free.)

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Your UVP

Do you know what makes your carpet cleaning services valuable to your customers? Do you know what makes you irreplaceable in their minds? Do you know why your prospects should choose you time and again over the competition? Wouldn’t that be kinda handy to know?...

You can learn so much about running a business by reading about other businesses and the things they did right, and what they did wrong.

Just because these are very big businesses, the issues raised in these articles are totally relevant to you in your carpet cleaning business. The causes of failures of the big players in industry can and do apply to small businesses.

For example, you will read that Kodak actually invented the digital camera but didn’t think it would take off until they were so far behind the curve they simply couldn’t catch up. In your carpet cleaning business this could mean it may be worth looking at increasing your service lines or keeping up to date with new innovations or trends.

Every business can learn so much from the failures of others, and you may be surprised at the silliest mistakes made by the business elite.