Lessons From History – The Success Story of Ceridian


When a company’s profits start declining, the danger alarm bells start ringing with full force and a cloak of uncertainty falls all over the company and affects every employee.

There will be many conflicting ideas about what is going to happen and what needs to be done in order to increase the profits and to save the company.

Accepting failure in this situation is what can cause the final blow to the company. Instead, adopting a mindset that the situation is merely a hindrance on the way to success is essential to get the company out of the rut it is in.

A Lesson In Leadership

A leader who is of this positive mindset will start with the “cause” behind everything, he will focus on the root issues that are causing the business to fail, and once those issues are fixed the company will be on the path of success and will generate profit.

One such story is of a tech company called Ceridian.

Before the current CEO took the company by its reins, the company was losing money hand over fist and as a result had an unmotivated, unhappy workforce.

When David Ossip joined he found out that the problem lies in the company culture that leads to disengaged employees.

He firmly believed a good company culture would mean contented workforce, better customer relationships and as a result more profits.

Ceridian – A Lesson In Leadership


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