Strategic Alliances


Strategic Alliances are simply the best way to get new business bar none. Joining with other businesses like yours who target the same customer type as you is essential to your long term business success.

Joint ventures are so essential to your carpet cleaning business that if you are not part of a network of businesses who promote each other then you are definitely missing out on tons of cash.


To give you an idea of how essential SA’s are to your success, I still get £000’s of work every single year from SA’s I made many years ago! It’s brilliant! Strategic Alliances are a big part of the reason I haven’t had to advertise for work for years!

Who Could You Join Up With?

When you are trying to think of who you could join with, always try to think outside the box as much as possible and include as many people as you can in your list.

Here are a few thoughts on who you could join with:

  • Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Plasterers
  • Electricians
  • Cleaners who don’t provide carpet cleaning services
  • Cleaners who don’t like doing commercial / domestic

Basically anyone who causes muck which needs to be cleaned up! These are the people who you could quite easily be able to refer business to, and they could refer a ton of business back to you too.

How To Reach Out To Potential Strategic Alliances

Looking at how you can reach out to other businesses there are a number of ways you can do this.

Firstly, and something you really MUST be doing to grow your business anyway, you could try networking groups such as BNI. Networking is a great, fun way to get people from all sorts of trades and professions together and talking.

You could also pop into your target alliances’ offices with your literature to introduce yourself, and if you do decide to pop in and see them ensure you do something to be remembered! Why not take in a box of fresh doughnuts just to break the ice?

If your target alliance doesn’t have a premises write them a sales letter and send it to them at home.  You can use this letter as a template. If you send a sales letter, make sure you follow it up a few days later with a phone call since you’ll get a lot more Strategic Alliances that way.

If you want more business it’s no good being a mouse. Remember, the bullish stand out in business.


If you want to do really well at carpet cleaning, the golden rule is this. People buy from people, and they will only use and recommend those people they know, like and trust.


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