Sales Letters

If you decide to write a sales letter to some potential Strategic Alliances you must make sure you get it right, like the example we have given you here.

Here is an example sales letter we have had a lot of success with.

Can you see why we had such a great response to it?

  • It’s not massively long and boring
  • There is plenty of “white space” so it doesn’t look “heavy”  but still contains everything the recipient needs to know
  • It starts with a powerful, punchy headline sure to capture the readers attention
  • It offers benefit after benefit to the building company
  • It paints a story about the neighbours talking over the garden fence (and stories really do help you sell.)
  • It allays their fears about recommending someone they don’t know (after all, if you have met them to do their 200 sq ft then they know you)
  • There is an offer in there – highlighted with a dotted box so they can’t miss it if they are skimming the letter
  • It says you will call them next week to discuss the idea – make sure you do!

This letter was a great “in” for several businesses who I still do work for, even now. That means lots of referrals NOW for the price of a stamp YEARS AGO.

You try getting that sort of ROI from any other method of marketing! Always remember though that sales letters are NOT about YOU! They are about how you can help the recipient look good and the advantages to them of choosing you, NOT what YOU can get out of the deal!)

The Carpet Cleaning College – Builders Joint Venture Letter (word) 

The Carpet Cleaning College – Builders Joint Venture Letter (PDF)



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