Get More Referals – 1

I often get calls from all sorts of business owners wanting marketing advice and the very first question I usually ask them is, “How do you get clients right now?”

Good start eh?

Usually, without fail, their answer is “mostly from referrals.”

So the logical next question is…”How do you go about getting more referrals?” After a long pause, the usual response is, “Well, nothing really. People usually know what I do and they refer their friends to me.”

That sounds great but to be honest that really sucks.

That method of getting referrals leave the whole creation of referrals, and therefore the amount of money you have in your pocket, entirely to chance.


That is just word of mouth, which is great, but I personally don’t want to leave it to chance unless my wife is happy for me to say to her … “I may not be able to feed little Johnny this week since I leave my marketing to chance.” (and my wife definitely WON’T be happy if I do that.)

Why risk a totally hap-hazard approach to your marketing when you could have a SYSTEM which is:

* Predictable
* Consistent
* Repeatable

When someone buys a franchise they are buying a SYSTEM, and your job with your sporadic word of mouth marketing needs to be changed into a REFERRALS SYSTEM.

By creating a referral marketing system, your referrals will happen in a more systematic, reliable and predictable way.

So Why Don’t Most Business Owners Have A Referral Marketing System in Place?

Easy … because we all get caught up in the day-to-day aspects of running our business, making sure the pre-spray is in the van, looking for the next shiny and attractive new Rotavac. But thinking about referrals and leads are not always followed up on like they could or should be.

Business owners know they should do more to get more referrals but they just convince themselves they don’t have time to do it. In other words, it’s common knowledge, not common practice.

Get More Referrals Step Two


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