Making it Rain Referrals in Your Business Starts with Your Attitude! OK, “So how do you get more referrals?” My answer is always the same, “You must ask for them.” In reality, most business owners know that they have to ask for referrals to get more referrals but it’s the fear of asking that impedes them from moving forward. This fear of asking is rooted in your attitude and the belief you hold in your services. If your attitude is one that believes that you are putting your customer out by asking them to give you referrals then you will always be battling with fear. However, when I perform a carpet clean and I am asking for referrals, I genuinley believe I would be doing the customer a massive disservice if I didn’t ask for referrals and therefore allowing them to go with another carpet cleaner because  a) they may get conned and b) the other cleaner can’t possibly be anywhere near as good as I am at cleaning carpets! If you truly believe that you will be helping them if you ask them to give you referrals your fear would fade quickly. I promise you this … if you are a great carpet cleaner and a pleasure to have in the home, your customers will want to give you referrals. Shockingly, in a recent study, it was determined that 91% of clients would give a referral, but have never been asked … how totally mental is that? People like to give referrals because it makes them feel good to find a great source to recommend and they want to share their “little secret” (which is you) with their friends. They will be seen as a hero, or someone “in the know.” And when their friend receives great service from you as well, your referring customer will feel as though he was able to do his friends a great favour. Step Three