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Sometimes the most effective ideas in business are the simplest, so when you clean a communal area of a block of flats or any other public area, you probably put up one of those plastic triangle warning signs, right?

They are a great idea, and signage is essential to help you keep on the right side of applicable Health And Safety Laws too.

But the problem is this … you have to take the sign away when you have finished the clean and a) the carpets are possibly still damp so a slip hazard may still occur and b) no-one remembers who you are.

So why not make up your own Caution Sign which will hang around for ages and, using low-tack tape to avoid damage to paintwork when it comes to removing the sign, this sign will hang about for a good few days after the clean, spreading your name while it’s there.

Give it a go … just print them off at home and stick them up everywhere there may be a chance of people slipping over. I’ve had many jobs from people who have seen the sign and been so impressed with the cleaning they want me to clean their flat or apartment too. They really work!

Caution Sign

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