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This “Elite” Level Membership is a paper and email membership package with extra support from the staff here at The Carpet Cleaning College, which means that you will get sent all the incredible information you need to grow your business over email, with all the courses and eBooks sent to you through the post, giving you are “hard copy” version of the courses so you can work through them as you would any other university course.

On top of that, you will also get a monthly 1&1 WhatsApp or SKYPE chat (it’s up to you) to discuss your business, as much help as you need to get your business via email, regular critiques, priority support and dedicated focus time from the staff here at MCC to help you grow your business.

We will be on hand for you for a far more in depth look at your business and how you attract more highly profitable customers to your carpet cleaning business.


This course is only for the business elite … those who want super success. This is a proper “hard core” course that will transform your world as you know it – guaranteed.


Is this membership level right for you? Put simply that depends on what you want from your business. I personally have grown my business to the size I want it to be. I work under 10 hour per week on carpet cleaning for £25k a year. That’s what I want from my business because I love teaching other businesses and love writing courses and books.

I understand that is not everyone’s cup of tea though! Some people want to actually work full time for BIG money! The great news is everything you get is totally scalable so it’s up to you how much you earn!

So this Elite Membership level is for those business owners who really want to start employing (more) people and those who really want to grab their business by the b***s and really make it into something spectacular!  It involves a heck of a lot of support from us here at CCC to help you achieve your dreams of an incredibly successful, highly profitable business.

Here’s what you get:

  • Over £400 in FREE Goodies
  • eMail and postal goodies
  • Monthly SKYPE or a meeting here in Poole, Dorset
  • Regular email updates
  • Tons of extra support from CCC  staff
  • Extra help and support as needed
  • Tons of ads, flyers etc
  • 142 Ways to market your business in 90 minutes a day
  • Brainstorming help
  • Earn at least 50k per year cleaning carpets complete course
  • Marketing basics for profit
  • Developing your UVP course
  • Insert name etc where prompted and print at home / printers
  • Work from your PC
  • Pricing for Profit hints and tips
  • Excerpts from the courses
  • Positioning assistance emails
  • Sales hints and tips
  • Marketing mini courses & eBooks snippets
  • Tons of motivational materials to keep you going
  • Customer service journey maps
  • Realising the value in your UVP
  • Referrals systems for you to implement
  • Target marketing
  • Regular profit boosting emails
  • Ads
  • Sales letters to send to over 15 strategic alliances
  • Forms and handouts
  • TYWD forms and letters
  • Advisory letters
  • Vouchers to give your customers
  • … and tons more!

Don’t forget we will be with you every step of the way when you are working your way through the course!

On top of all this you will also receive a profit boosting email through your inbox regularly containing hints, tips and tricks to make your business more successful and more profitable.


Give it a go for FREE and get over £400 worth of goodies FREE … all we ask is that you help us out a little with just £4.95 for the p+p. You then won’t get asked for another penny until 30 days when we hope you will continue with your “Turbo Level Membership” at just £500.00 per month (+VAT)




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We don’t accept everyone on this course because not everyone will take advantage of the incredible opportunity we offer. 

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