Understanding Your Customers

“If you want the answers … ask the questions”. Lorii Myers

  • Who is your target customer? 
  • What do they want from you? 
  • What questions are they asking about your services? 
  • What would STOP them from using your services?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions then you are missing on on tons of cold, hard cash.


This course covers everything you need to know about how to profile your ideal, perfect target customer and how to write marketing materials for them.

If you agree with every single successful business owner on the planet who knows the real secret to making wealth is to give people what they want at a profit,  then don’t you think it’s vital you know who your customers are and what they do want?

Here’s what we will cover in this incredible guide:

  • the segments of your target audience
  • the key elements of profiling
  • the 10 components of Psychographics
  • how to gather the information you need
  • how to use the data you discover
  • tracking your results
  • putting it all together

This is a course … there is a workbook for you to work your way through so you can immediately implement what you learn into your own business.

If you’re like me then one of the main problems I find when I read “normal” books I want to learn from is the books are usually A5, with small writing, no workbooks to work through, small writing and no space on the page for notes.

So we have corrected that with this course.

This guide and accompanying workbooks will give you all the knowledge you need to really get to know your customers better, in a more personal way.

Unsure If This Is For You?

We don’t want you to waste your money any more than you want to waste it, so click on the link below for a free glimpse into what the course has in store for you.

Understanding Your Customers Preview

Price: £9.99


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