If You Want To Know The Best  And Easiest Way To Make A Ton Of Extra Money In Your Carpet Cleaning Business, Read On … 

The Key To Carpet Cleaning Success

If you want to make serious money in your carpet cleaning business, the answer is surprisingly simple.

Join up with other businesses to promote each other.

As we all know referrals are the most powerful (and cheapest) form of advertising there is, so why not get a strategy in place to ensure you get a steady stream of referrals coming your way by joining up with other businesses which can refer business to you?


I still get referrals (and a ton of money) from cleaners and carpet shops even now, more than 15 years after I made the initial contact!


The more business friendships you make, the more referrals you’ll get. That’s a fact.

If you build those vital friendships NOW  you can easily maintain those relationships and continue to grow your business, for free, for years to come.

Joining with other businesses to refer each other is called “Strategic Alliances” and they occur when two or more trades who target the same customer type work together to refer each other.

A strong alliance of traders who work together and promote each other will be worth many £1000’s every single year. Doing this alone could double your business in a year!

It will be worth its weight in gold to sit down and give some serious thought to which businesses you can join up with, and which businesses have a natural affinity to your business.

A strong alliance of traders who work together and promote each other will be worth many £1000’s every single year. Doing this alone could double your business in a year!

So, who could you join with? In your carpet cleaning business you could you join up with:

  • Independent carpet shops
  • Other cleaning companies who don’t offer carpet cleaning services
  • Other carpet cleaning companies who don’t do domestic or commercial (which you do or which you prefer)
  • Oven cleaners
  • Local carpet wholesalers
  • Builders
  • Home improvement specialists
  • Ceilings and partitions
  • Letting agents / estate agents
  • Plumbers

Unsure how to join with other businesses?

Why not get talking to them when you meet them on jobs and give them a business card (or 3,) send them a sales letter or drop them an email, call or text?

If you want to join with other businesses, make sure it is about what you can do for their business, and not just you touting for business!

Don’t forget when you meet these other businesses you have got to answer the question … “why should I promote you?”

You could even go to them and say “I have been asked a few times if I know a …  (plumber / letting agent / carpet shop etc) and I would like to recommend you” and take it from there.


Your job today is to write down a list of all the other businesses you can think of who you can to join forces with and how you can reach them. 

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