5 More Reasons Why Carpet Cleaners Go Bust

Following on from what we went through yesterday, here are 5 more top reasons why carpet cleaners go broke.


Essential Tip #6 – Make Time to Grow Your Business

At The Carpet Cleaning College we constantly press home the need for what we call Power Focus Sessions – these are your daily 90 minutes of totally laser focused concentration on your business which we went through the other day.

During this time don’t check emails, do invoices, or any of the normal day to day running of the business.

No … during this time you focus purely on growing your business and keeping your customers happy. You can also use this time to develop new ideas or initiatives. What is essential is that you put aside time every single day and use it purely to grow your business.


Essential Tip #7 – Get Organised

Get organised from the start – your database can be your best friend or worst enemy.

If you start and run your database properly from the start of your business you will start well. Use your database to keep track of your customers and their profiles, how much they pay, how good a customer they are etc.

Make sure you keep in regular contact with your best customers and send them newsletters, free promotional products etc


Essential Tip #8 – Develop Your Systems and Automation

As soon as you can, develop systems to help you keep your business on track. Look how well McDonalds are run, especially when you consider that the majority of the staff there are youngsters!

Systems are simply just a series of routines that get the same, predictable outcome, every time.

Say for example a prospect asks you to quote, your system could be: get out the customer order pad, complete name and address details and contact number, ask where they heard about you, check to make sure they are not allergic to any products or smells etc.

Make sure you work on creating a system that gets exactly the results you want every time, then write it down and follow it to continue getting those same exact results, every time. 


Essential Tip #9 – Remember AIDA

In everything you do remember AIDA, which is the basics of marketing your business.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and all your marketing must follow AIDA, in that order, to be successful.

So, you must get the prospects attention first, then get their interest, then create a real burning desire for your services, then you have to get them to take some sort of action.


Essential Tip #10 – Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling is the way to sell in today’s market place. Relationship selling is all about putting the customer first, doing the right thing by the customer and ensuring they get the right product for them.

That is NOT to say you should work for peanuts! You shouldn’t. Just look after those customers who will pay you properly for the work you do.


Essential Tip #11 – Do More Than Expected (see what we did there?)

Whether it is a bunch of flowers after the job, a hand written letter to thank the customer for their referral or a written newsletter to your customers each month, make sure you are remembered for being remarkable. 

With so much competition in almost every trade or profession, just remember that customer satisfaction is NOT enough these days to ensure repeat business and tons of totally scrummy referrals.

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