Marketing Cheat Sheets 4

  1. Buy Database Lists – get a list of emails addresses from a reputable broker for your mass email marketing (keep on the right side of the SPAM laws)
  2. Piggy Back Invoice Mailings – join with other businesses to cross promote each other in their mailings. You could have your fliers put in a carpet shops envelopes and vice versa.
  3. Sponsorships – who could you sponsor in your local team? Your local soccer team / boxing gym / ballet class?
  4. Post Card Mailings – postcards are different and attract attention, so would it be worth trying to make your mailing interesting with postcard mailings
  5. Van Signage – ensure its professional and full of benefits and not all about you. To get the full benefit and business from your signage remember people don’t care about you.  Your business name is not a benefit to the customer!
  6. Passing Trade – put an A stand or signage up outside job where you’re working
  7. Product Packaging – ensure your name and contact details is on everything you send out.
  8. Shopping Centre Promotion – could you have a stall in your local shopping centre and hand out your stain removal guide and free bottles of stain remover?
  9. Create an Industry Newsletter – or write and article in an existing newsletter to prove your credibility. Tell customers you have written in the magazine to increase your credibility and enable you to raise your prices.
  10. Stickers and Tags – ensure you place stickers on your giveaways or products to ensure your customers never lose your number.
  11. Fridge Magnets – never forget the humble fridge magnet. They really work! Try a calendar fridge magnet and send it out every November. Customers love them and keep them all year because they are so handy.
  12. Named Promotional Gifts – make sure it is useful and relevant to the audience. Ensure your promotional item includes your #1 key benefit.
  13. Government / Council Programs and Contracts – These can be very lucrative but difficult to get into and possibly poor markup due to their requirement to get lots of quotes.
  14. Work on your scripts – what words get you the best results when people ask you how long the carpets take to dry? What words overcome the price objection 9 times out of 10? Your business success relies on your sales scripts and how well they work, so would it be worth taking time out to perfect them?
  15. Maintenance and Stain Removal Sheets – develop your own A5 sheet (or postcard) with maintenance and stain removal instructions on it. The customer can keep this in case of emergency or spillage along with your business contact details



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