Marketing Cheat Sheets

More ways to get more business.

  1. Incentives – what could you give away to your customers to remind them you are still there and to call you? Stain remover with your number on it? Stain removal packs? Shopping trolley coin rings?
  2. Online business directories & listings – enrol in as many good quality free listings sites as possible, but ensure they are quality sites or google could penalize you if you are advertising on a poor quality site which has a link to your site because Google will judge your site as a poor site too.
  3. Email newsletters – how about you do these every alternating month with paper newsletters? Don’t let people forget about you!
  4. Yahoo! Bing Advertising – Don’t forget the riches may be in the smaller search engines as it may be far better to get to the top of the searches. You may get better ROI?
  5. YouTube – Use videos to off your talents!
  6. Google+ – Google loves an active Google + profile! well, they would wouldn’t they? Fill it up with great content!
  7. The personal touch (e.g. birthday cards & gifts) – You love your customers? Show them.
  8. Networking – very powerful and quick! Get out there and meet people! Google networking groups in your area and get along to a meeting. They are great fun, cheap to do and will almost certainly result in great quality friendships and strategic alliances which will last years.
  9. Online press releases – the web is full of news resources so see which one will let you put an article in along with a link to your site. A good customer focused story could land you some great work.
  10. Endorsements – who do you know who will lend their name to endorse your products or services? Get lots of social proof.
  11. Local Newspaper or Magazine Advertising – there may be a local magazine, a church magazine, a youth club magazine, a school magazine. Many would love to have your article in there in exchange for some much needed help towards running costs.
  12. School Newsletter Ads
  13. Newspaper, Magazine & Newsletter Inserts – have some fliers or an “advertorial” placed inside a paper and get it delivered. Be sure the magazine is actually read by the masses and not just put in the recycling bin.
  14. Sidewalk Handbills – fancy handing out leaflets in the street? May make your company look budget though.
  15. Yellow Pages (or equivalent business listings directory) online – make sure you have a free entry in yellow pages with a link to your site. Links from trusted, quality sites to yours with help add a lot of credibility to your site and push you up the Google rankings.