Marketing Cheat Sheets

Here are more ways for you to grow your carpet cleaning business. Just remember it’s PROFIT that counts NOT the number of customers you have.

  1. Newsletters – Send out a newsletter at least every 2 months to your better quality customers. Make them on paper (not email) and make them interesting. Use the mail weight allowance to include flyers, business cards, offers, details of your referral scheme etc
  2. Referrals – Vital for almost every single business. Take our referrals course and get lots of cheap business.
  3. Learn about copywriting – once you know how to write words that sell you can almost print your own money
  4. Investigate cross selling – What more could you sell along with your carpet cleaning services? Tile and grout? Wood? Karndean? Once you’re with a customer and they like you, doesn’t it make a lot of sense to sell to them, time and again?
  5. Flyers – they still work! It is always better to send to 5,000 homes 4 times than 20,000 once
  6. Telephone marketing – out of favour and very frowned upon but can get good results
  7. Reactivate past customers – Go through your database and see who you haven’t heard from in a while and send them an “I Miss You” letter
  8. Facebook Ads – highly targeted and affordable. Be as specific as possible when targeting your prospects.
  9. Testimonials – essential to every business. Get as many as you can, including video testimonials and case studies, and put them everywhere. get permission to use in marketing and on website.
  10. Offers – what offer can you use to get more business that has high perceived value but low physical cost to the business? BOGOF? Free dust mite killer? Pay for 2 rooms get the 3rd half price?
  11. Sales letters – send out sales letters to hotels, schools, letting agents … anyone who you can serve well.
  12. Clothing branding – is all your clothing neat, clean and properly branded? It all helps build credibility
  13. Education Books – learn all you need to know about carpet cleaning and business in general. Could be the best investment of your time possible.
  14. Brochures – can you print your own brochure to showcase your work? Use hi-res pictures to create a brochure that really shows off the quality of your work.
  15. Magazines – would a highly targeted magazine campaign work well for you? Just ensure you advertise in only the magazines your target audience would actually read. Don’t advertise in magazines based on cold calls from the magazine and never have a left hand page. Always negotiate on cost.



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