Marketing Cheet Sheets

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (a slow burn long process) Get found on Google. Learn to do it yourself.
  2. PPC – “Google Pay Per Click” (get to the top of Google using paid adverts. Can be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing)
  3. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc (a slow burn for most businesses but free to do)
  4. Blogs – Can help you become known as an expert in your field
  5. General e-mail marketing – can get great results but keep on the right side of the SPAM laws
  6. Database building or cleansing – make sure you haven’t missed any opportunities for extra work
  7. CRM – Your CRM could contain a ton of leads or other opportunities you may have forgotten about
  8. Videos – YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google so can you afford not to have a video or two on there?
  9. Google Places – free, quick to set up.
  10. Auto responders series – set up automatic emails to remind your customers you still exist. Thanks for choosing us email. Stain remover reminders. Traffic lane clean reminders. Reminders of your referral scheme. Carpet maintenance tips.
  11. Direct mail campaigns Рjust remember the rules of copywriting AIDA. Direct mail still works if you do it right.
  12. Business cards – are they interesting and memorable or just like the business card of every other carpet cleaner out there? Remember, if you don’t give someone a reason to rememeber you, guess what … they won’t.
  13. Website – is it updated and punchy? Is it interesting and personal? Does each page have just one clear message? Is it easily navigated?
  14. PR – press releases, newspaper articles, help the editor, radio etc Remember newspapers, magazines and radio all need interesting, listener focused articles and editorials for their readers and listeners.
  15. Text advertising – very popular and welcome as reminders for accountants, carpet cleaners etc. Ask the customer if you can text them a reminder when their yearly clean is due. Text messages are very likely to be read and acted on since they are so personal. Gain customers permission first. Powerful stuff.