Marketing To Women – No Children

Motherhood is often one of the primary focuses of marketing in the modern world but what about “otherhood” – women who do not have children, who not only shop but actually want your quality carpet cleaning services. Here’s the good news … they have a good deal more discretionary income than mothers with growing families.

They are often able to pamper themselves with higher-quality clothing, shoes, jewelry, and personal care products, and know they are “worth it,” to quote L’Oreal’s ads. Studies have shown that the single item that thrills most women more than any other item they buy is a handbag. They generally take very good care of their homes and take pride in the homes appearance so they may be open to your marketing message.

Women without children are typically career women who work hard and play hard. They work hard, so they can rationalize pampering themselves with the better things in life including the things some may see as a luxury such as carpet cleaning. They won’t be as cost-conscious as most moms, so you will find them at the luxury end of the car and jewelry spectrums. They value independence, freedom, and being the best they can be. Many are entrepreneurs making good money who are always on the lookout for ways to earn more.

They might not all be footloose and fancy-free, however. Some may have elderly parents to care for, or be in a relationship in which they will buy things for the other person and the household. If they are partnered, then the “dinky” pattern of shopping will dominate – that is Dual Income, No Kids.

Typical Interests for Older, Single Women

Older single women who have achieved material success will often look for other excitement and accomplishment in a range of areas. These include:

* Travel, including luxury holidays and adventure holidays
* Continuing education, in person or online, formal versus informal
* Entertaining at home
* Finding new romance if they are not partnered
* Cooking
* Trying new foods/dining out/ordering in
* Entertaining at home
* Enjoying more cultural activities, such as plays, ballet and so on
* Mastering new technology, such as the latest smartphones, tablets and “phablets” (that is, larger format smartphones)
* Desiring to give back to the community through volunteer work, mentoring
* Getting involved in groups for successful women, particularly in relation to their chosen profession
* Engaging in more spiritual activities, such as organized religion, spiritual retreats, courses, vacations and so on
* Beauty treatments such as spas, salon, manicures, pedicures
* Plastic surgery as they age, including Botox and liposuction
* Weight loss if they are carrying more than a few extra pounds
* Looking for a keep fit routine they can live with long term
* Nice exercise clothing
* Fun and interesting gyms, workouts and classes, such as Zumba or belly dancing

These women do more, consume more, and socialize more – especially online. Studies have shown that even when they are watching TV, they are checking email, conducting searches online not related to the show they are watching, and networking on Facebook. They do the same activities during the commercials as well in equal numbers, with the exception of a slightly higher checking of emails.

Targeting Women without Children

Knowing they check their emails so often is a golden opportunity to engage with them through your email campaigns. Put a steady stream of exciting offers in front of them that speaks to their needs and desires, and they will respond. Similarly, running highly targeted ads at Facebook can help connect with these women.

Select single women and see what age groups respond to your ad. Then refine your marketing message to optimize it for each age group of single women that are interacting best with your brand.

Marketing to women without children will encompass a broad range of ages, but if you are prepared to pay attention to what their priorities are, you can offer them a superior customer experience that will make them loyal to your brand.


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