Marketing to Middle-Aged Ladies

Middle-aged women, that is, those in their 40s and 50s, are powerhouses of consumer spending. They are constantly making purchasing decisions for both themselves and their loved ones. In some cases, they can be described as the “Sandwich Generation,” with some still having young children at home, while at the same time having older parents that they need to look after.

Shopping Traits of Middle-Aged Women

These women are constantly trying to balance home life with career as well. This means they need to shop efficiently, and will usually do so online, often using their smartphone or tablet computer. They are smart and tech savvy, and also social, spending a great deal of time on Facebook and Pinterest connecting with people that they care about and discovering new recipes and products. Food and parenting, or grandparenting, are two top areas of content they consume. Products related to these topics, or marketing connected to them, are bound to capture their interest.

However, as they age, they are also interested in “me time” and self-improvement. They are looking for a range of ways to improve their life for the better. The more you can do in your marketing material to indicate how much easier her life will be thanks to your products and services, the more inclined she will be to buy. The woman in her forties and fifties is just too busy to waste time with anything less than high quality and high performing products.

Some women in this age group are single due to divorce. In this case they usually need items that help them live their best life without having to spend a lot of time on DIY, lawn maintenance and so on.

Some will be empty nesters, downsizing their home because the kids are off to college and they wish to live in a more practical way without all the hassle of home ownership. Selling their house and moving to a more modest one or a condo frees up their time and cash so they can seek the better things in life.

As they get older and have more leisure time because their family is growing up, middle-aged women typically become increasingly interested in self-expression and new experiences. They will travel, go to spas, try yoga, or perhaps decide to go back to college either in person or online. Some will even be interested in starting their own business, most often in addition to their current job, but sometimes as a replacement for it.

These women are tech savvy and like to feel connected with the companies they do business with. Only 25% of them state that they are loyal to brands that they used for years, which means there are great opportunities to lure women away from their existing brand.

Major areas they will spend money on include personal care products, entertainment, technology, women’s and girls’ clothing, and groceries. They are concerned about their finances in relation to both their current situation, and planning for eventual retirement.

Because life expectancy is on the rise, these women worry about living for another 40 to 50 years, and having enough money to do so in comfort. They also want to spend quality leisure time with others, not be isolated and alone. They also want to stay healthier for longer compared to their parents.

Marketing to women in their 40s and 50s can be profitable if you are prepared to do the research and target them with positive, pro-active messages that suit their lifestyle and speak to their personal and professional needs.


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