Make It Easy To Pay You

Always make it easy for the customer to buy your carpet cleaning services! Some companies still make it really difficult to be paid!

They say things like …

  • “I only take cheques on Wednesday mornings”
  • “cash only”
  • “on line payments only”
  • “card only”
  • “paypal only but cash on Tuesday mornings”

This simply doesn’t cut it these days.

With on-line payments, cards, direct debits, Paypal etc etc there is no reason why you can’t offer your customers at least 3 or 4 ways to pay you, if not more.

You can even offer easy to set up monthly payments too via a website like “Go” so why not offer to allow the customer to spread the cost of her carpet cleaning?

Don’t give your potential customers any reason at all not to choose you over the competition, or your current customers any reason to change carpet cleaners.

People can sometimes be swayed by the slightest things! Don’t force your customers to go to someone else over something so basic!!