Improve Your PMA Cheat Sheet

Having a positive mental attitude is possibly the #1 determining factor to how high you climb in carpet cleaning. If you mind say NO then your body will follow.

Keeping upbeat and positive will draw people to you, and these people are crucial to your business growth.

  • Develop a list of personal strengths and weaknesses and work on them
  • Spend less time watching TV, and more time working on yourself
  • Use positive, reinforcing language
  • Develop your own personal mantra
  • Be sure of your direction, both personally and professionally (One of the main reasons for a poor mental attitude is a feeling of lack of direction or ability to change that direction.)
  • Take yourself to a happy place often
  • Visualize when you were at your happiest and what it felt like. Work on repeating that.
  • Plan for your future
  • Realise you are in control of your business.
  • Listen to audio programs in your van from Brian Tracey, Anthony Robbins or Paul McKenna and others to boost your confidence
  • Read for an hour a day in any area you feel weakest
  • Invest in courses and eBooks to further your knowledge
  • Learn management skills
  • Practice what you are weak at until you become great at it.
  • Let go of anger, hatred, resentment. It’ll eat you up, cause stress and make you ill.
  • Reduce the time spent with things or people that don’t add anything positive to your life
  • Don’t over think or over complicate things
  • Let go of grudges – close your eyes, put them on to a boat, and blow the boat away until you can’t see it any more.
  • Use music to lift your spirits
  • Believe in your own power to create your own profitable business
  • Congratulate yourself regularly for something you have done well
  • Reinforce the message to yourself that you are powerful
  • Take responsibility for your own life and business
  • Stop blaming others for failures.
  • Stop focusing on the past – we are constantly creating it and there is nothing we can do to change it.
  • Try suggestive hypnotherapy


If you have any sort of medical condition like depression, always see a qualified person before you try any of the above. There may be better ways to handle it.


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