Customers Want To Be Convinced


Customers want to be convinced of the quality of your carpet cleaning services. They really do! Your prospects have asked you to their property to do a quote for a reason; they need some carpets or upholstery cleaning.

They may have searched round for hours trying to find a company to connect with, to bond with, a company to trust, one that they can feel safe to have in their most prized possession … their home.

Your job is to convince them that you are indeed the best company for the job and, even if you are more expensive than your competition, your job is to convince them that you are worthy of the extra amount.

How do you do this?

The answer is surprisingly simple …

Firstly, you do the basics right … Turn up on time (or if you are going to be late you call ahead to advise likely eta), you’re polite, you show them respect by removing your shoes or putting on over shoes, you take the time with them to establish a rapport, and try and form a bond with the prospect with easy, relaxed chatter.

This one will blow you away. Then you do the most important thing ever … you actually listen to what the customer tells you because she will tell you what she perceives as her problem. In your expert opinion it may well not actually be the real problem, but to the customer it is the problem, so focus on solving that problem.  

Always always always focus on telling the customer how you can solve her problems.

In reality, that is why she has called you, not because she wants her carpets cleaning, but because she has a problem that she needs solving and she hopes you can solve her problem in a cost effective way.

The customer really does want to be convinced by your services because she has taken the time to find you, call you, and maybe read some reviews about you too.

The customer wants to feel vindicated that she made the right choice in choosing you in the first place.

The customer is far more likely to give the job to a company that clearly states that they can solve her problems, so if you can prove beyond doubt that you can solve her problems, then price is much less of an issue.


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