Creating Your UVP

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Creating Your UVP

“How To Develop Your Unique Value Proposition To Stand Out From The Crowd And Be Noticed”

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What makes you different? How can you stand out in a crowded market place? Why should prospects choose you over the competition?

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Do you know what makes your carpet cleaning services valuable to your customers? Do you know what makes you irreplaceable in their minds? Do you know why they choose you time and again over the competition?

Wouldn’t that be kinda handy to know?

Competition is everywhere. If there isn’t any competition in your market, then there probably aren’t a lot of customers either. But there are always a few of your competitors who STAND OUT from the rest isn’t there?

Those who have that special “edge.” Those that the customers just love.

People know their name, read their blogs, open their emails, comment on the social media pages …. and turn to them first when they want carpet cleaning.

What’s so different about these market leaders?

They have a clearly defined UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION. …..and they make it known loud and clear. People know exactly what value these market leaders are providing and how it benefits them.

Do you know what value you provide?

Does everyone else know? If not, then it’s time you sat down and sorted out your own Unique Value Proposition right NOW!

Most people can’t clearly state the value they’re providing in their business and that’s why their businesses ultimately FAIL or just putter along, never really going anywhere. But once you have a Unique Value Proposition defined, one that your market wants, you will never have to struggle to find work again since your target market knows who you are and what you stand for.

In “Your UVP – For Profit” we’ll guide you through that critical task of creating your Unique Value Proposition ….. step-by-step.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the what and why of Unique Value Propositions
  • Research and gain a detailed understanding of your target market
  • Use tools and tactics to spy on your competition
  • Identify a product or service that will blow away the competition
  • Write your own Unique Value Proposition
  • Learn how to apply it to every single element in your business

Once you have your Unique Value Proposition completed everything in your business will become a lot clearer for you. Your USP will drive ALL your business decisions and before long you won’t be getting blank stares from people in your target market when you tell them your name or company.

They’ll know EXACTLY who you are.…..and the tremendous VALUE you provide!

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