Certificates of Cleaning

This idea is so simple and so easy to implement it is a wonder that more carpet cleaners aren’t doing it!

When you go out on quotes with tenants who are just moving out of their property and the carpets must be cleaned before they vacate, I used to find that, as a fairly expensive carpet cleaner, I often wouldn’t get the job because all they were looking for was cheap ‘n’ cheerful.

Now, these people generally are not my target customer, but sometimes I was asked to clean a tenanted property by a target customer, or would get a referral that I didn’t want to let down etc.

So I thought to myself … what can I do to get more jobs at higher prices from this particular market? How can I ADD VALUE to the segment of the market.

And I came up with this very simple idea … one that costs peanuts to produce and has worked brilliantly for me ever since!

I now offer to give the customer a “Certificate of Cleaning” which, because I give them a nice looking, formal certificate of cleaning on good quality paper, I found that I converted many more No’s into Yes’s! This is even though I used to send them a copy of the invoice with PAID splashed all over it!

Extra dosh for the cost of a piece of paper!

Here is the one I used as a MS Word docx document. Print it out on quality paper and you will be amazed at how many more quotes you will be able to convert.

Certificate of Cleaning Rented


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