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Too many carpet cleaning businesses use stock photos as a form of promotion. You know the ones I mean right …

  • the cute dog on a cream carpet
  • a cup of coffee being spilled
  • a red wine spillage
  • kids tracking in dirt from a rugby game etc

How do those images promote your business? All they say is that you’re a carpet cleaner like a million others. Blah Blah Blah. It is all so BORING!! Seen it a thousand times beofr (at least.) How do you hope to stand out if you are using the same imagery as everyone else?

Why not keep it real and actually be yourself and show the quality of your own work, not a stock photo? People want to be able to relate your business to real life situation they suffer. 

I use the image below of an Indian Restaurant we cleaned A LOT  to demonstrate how good we are at cleaning carpets.

With this one image you have shown how good you are as a carpet cleaner and this sets the scene nicely for you to deliver your sales pitch with a much lower resistance to price and more emphasis on quality.

So ditch the picture of the coffee stain with the cup right by it; it tells the prospect nothing of what you can really do and it just tells the customer you are just like a million other carpet cleaners!

Talking about keeping it real, how about pictures of you with your family or pets? You and your family on holiday? A nice video of your carpet cleaning work would really help too. Let your prospects get to know the real you! People will relate to that much more than stock photo’s that they have seen a thousand times before.

Keep it real is a great adage to go by.

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