Automating Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing

In this day and age of so many technology giants trying to convince us their new platform will save us a billion hours a day, we all have to be so wary about “shiny new object syndrome.”

This is where there are so many new and exciting, newfangled gizmos for us to try out we veer away from what we actually need to do to run the business and waste so much time trying out techno toys we will never use or won’t add any value to our business.

However, the saying “automate the routine, humanise the exceptions” is as true today as it has always been.

You should use technology and automation as much as possible in your carpet cleaning business to make your day to day running of your business smoother and run on auto pilot. This will free up a lot of your time to actively grow your business and stop your mind from suffering from “brain farts.”

In fact, you really should automate everything possible in your business … the only exception is customer complaints and the personal side of your business.

Here’s how to automate your business.