Assume Nothing

I have never forgotten when I had a lady come round to my office and try and sell me their SEO services. She actually stood in my office and told me this …

“You will come on the front page of Google for the term “chewing gum removal in Broadstone.” (Broadstone is a small local town close to me.)

Now, this lady didn’t know I knew anything about SEO, so she assumed I would be impressed by that. After all, isn’t being on the front page of Google what we all want?

Instead, I went to my Google AdWords account and found out exactly how many people were searching for the term “chewing gum removal in Broadstone”

Not totally unsurprisingly, the answer was a big fat zero.

With that, I asked the lady to leave and never come back.

What she had done is insulted me, insulted my intelligence, and tried just about anything she could think of to get a sale.

So, whilst in your sales scripts and your copy writing you have to cover all bases (which includes speaking and writing for total novices in every industry or trade) you must also be able to speak 100% honestly about the virtues of your carpet cleaning services to people who know about your products too.

This INCLUDES the upsides of your services, as well as the downsides. Be really careful with your scripts and words. They must appeal to everyone at all levels of knowledge and understanding.

Make sure your adverts say exactly what you want them to say. Better still, get some friends or relatives to check it over. The last thing you want to do is insult your customers intelligence!

Coming Up Tomorrow …

Tomorrow we will give you one of the best ads we have ever used … it gives the customer 4 different offers to choose from! Talk about covering all the bases!