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How is your advertising going? Are you getting the results you want?

We want you to succeed here at The Carpet Cleaning College and we realise advertising is a must for many, so if you want us to have a look at your ad for you, you can upload it here.

Before you submit an ad to us to review, please go through your ad and make sure the following points are in place.

  • Is there a good headline?
  • Are there testimonials?
  • Does it follow the AIDA model?
  • Is there a strong offer or is it a bit of a wet fish?
  • Is there a strong guarantee (so strong it almost makes you sick?)
  • Is it different or just more blah blah blah?
  • Does it have original pictures on it (not a dirty dog on a white carpet or a spilled coffee cup (MEGA YAWN))
  • Does it stand out?
  • Does it focus on how you can fulfil the customer’s needs?
  • Does it have a strong CTA (call to action)
  • Does it have your contact details on it (You’d be surprised!)
  • Does it read well and flow in a sensible order?
  • Where is the ad going? Is it going somewhere your target audience will actually read it?
  • Is it written in language your target audience will understand and resonate with?

Also, no matter how good the ad is, you won’t get any response at all if you are advertising in the wrong place to the wrong people.  For example, if you are targeting new mothers there is no point in advertising in Cucumber Monthly magazine or Gorilla Focus! If new mothers are your target audience wouldn’t it be better to target creche’s, New Mother and Baby magazine, local community centres which have coffee mornings for mums etc etc

You don’t need all of the above but advertising in the right place is essential to your success.

When you are ready please complete the form below and upload it to us and allow up to a week for feedback. Thank you!

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