3M – The Key To Marketing Success

There is a formula which is so essential to your marketing success you simply cannot ignore it.

This formula will help ensure you execute highly targeted sales and marketing activities, instead of the more common (and much more expensive) market-to-everyone “splatter gun” effect marketing.

Before you do any promotional work, you must get this right. The formula for marketing success is Market Message Media.


You MUST know who your target market is or you will be wasting huge amounts of money in an un-targeted splatter gun effect and your results will be poor. There is no way you will sell many walking sticks to children, or 400w super powerful car speakers to the elderly, so why spend money needlessly marketing to those who will never buy from you?



Your message is where you present your solution to your target market’s problem, and now you know who you are targeting, you can carefully craft your message so that it directly appeals to your target market.

A carefully crafted message to the right prospect will send your marketing results through the roof!


How can you reach your target market?

There is no point researching your ideal prospect and preparing the perfect message for them, then sending your message out into the world in a media that won’t be seen or heard by your target audience.  

For example, there’s no point advertising walking sticks in PC gamer, which is primarily aimed at the teenage computer games market, or trying to sell your prize-winning cabbage seeds in Dog Monthly magazine. 

Carefully do your research and find out what your target customer will be reading, watching or listening to.  

If you get this 3M method right, it will save you thousands in wasteful advertising, whilst significantly increasing your return on marketing expenditure.

SO … do find the time as soon as possible to work out who your target market is, what they really want to hear from you and how you can reach them with your message of value.

Do this and your marketing success is assured.

Don’t forget … we can all think of doing things, but ACTION is really all that matters.