30 Day Success Planner Day 31

Generally the customer has high expectations of their dealing with businesses and very often they are left without those feelings being realised. I went out to do a quotation for my carpet business the other day and the customer stated they had just had their bathroom re-done. They couldn’t stop talking about:

a) what a great job they had done

b) how clean and tidy they guys were

c) how polite the guys were and how nothing was too much trouble for them (they even took out the customers rubbish in the mornings when they went downstairs to their van)


This business turned this customer from “just a normal customer” into raving fans of their bathroom business. Do you think for a second they won’t tell all their friends and family about them and recommend them to everyone? Of course they will.

Now, let’s look at what the business actually did and the cost involved … 

a) They did a good job – they were paid to do a good job so this shouldn’t be lacking in any business transaction but sadly is. COST: as per quote

b) These guys were clean and tidy – they put down dust sheets and vacuumed at the end of every day. COST – a new vacuum every few years and 5 minutes of time

c) They were polite and courteous – they turned up when they should have done, were respectful to the owners, even took the owners garbage down when they went to their their van. COST – NIL.


Doing the very basics in business with just a little more added on will get you some much extra work at very little cost. What’s more it will put you in the top 10% of all business in your country. Just by doing a few basics.

Not rocket science is it?

So, what can you do to put your business in the top 10% of your field?


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