Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Sales (The First 5)

Here are some quick fire ways to increase sales.

1) Be more aggressive with sales

You are in business to make sales and make money. Your business success is based on how much money you have in the bank, NOT, like many small business owners think, how many satisfied customers you have. You can easily have a thousand satisfied customers and still be poor.

Work at having thousands of satisfied customers who actually want to make you money, not a million who don’t! That said, yes, you MUST go after every decent sale you can, but always act in a totally ethical and honest way or word will spread quickly about your dishonesty.


2) Go through your database and look for extra sales

Didn’t Mrs Jones from South Street say she wanted her upholstery cleaning in a few months time? Have you chased it up?

Mr Peterson said he wanted a carpet clean done at the end of the year just before Christmas for when the in-laws arrived. What have you done to chase him? 

What systems have you got in place to ensure you don’t miss any follow-up sales?


3) Separate Your Customers into A,B,C and D Customers

So many business owners spend so long focusing on the pain in the butt customers that they actually neglect the top quality customers they have.

Business owners so often spend more time on their rubbish customers than focusing on their best customers, those who always pay on time, recommend you a lot, and use you often.

Does that make sense to you? No, me neither.

Ditch the pain in the a**e customers and spend your time courting the customers you really want to serve. Seriously … ditch the bottom 20% of your database! Leave the rubbish customers for someone else to serve, preferably your competitors!


4) Learn what it is you really sell

You sell carpet cleaning right? You sell radiators? You sell cars?

No, you really don’t!

What you actually sell is health, snuggly homes and freedom.

So, what do you really sell?


5) Put price in its place

Too often small business owners think price is the be all and end all of everything but in reality price is such a tiny part of the overall buying decision.


* When you go out for a meal, do you only pick the cheapest thing on the menu?

* You go out on a date, do you taken them to the cheapest place you can find?

* If you needed to pay for laser eye surgery would you go to a company that offered to do both eyes for £20 or one eye for £2000?

* Would you expect to buy a Rolex for £100 or would you expect it to be stolen / forgered at that price?

If price was the only issue in a buying decision, there would be no premium brands, or even decent brands.

Price is not the issue most people think it is. Low priced carpet cleaning is actually a turnoff for most decent customers.

So, how do you fancy an opportunity to get an extra referral?


How about 2 more referrals?


How about if we gave you a way to get SIX more referrals?


For most businesses referrals are essential for success, and carpet cleaning is no different.

Referrals are great because there’s no high advertising costs and the conversion rate from a cold prospect to a customer is far higher than any other marketing method.

Since referrals are so totally awesome, why not try and get as many referrals for your carpet cleaning business as possible? Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

A little later in this email course we will give you all the secrets you need to know to run a referrals only business like I did, but today we want to give you something you can use immediately to get more referrals!

Use the vouchers we give you today to give to your customers immediately after the job, in your follow up “thank you” letter after the work is done or in your newsletters to generate a huge number of additional referrals for your carpet cleaning business.

With these vouchers, it’s up to you how far you go with this particular marketing strategy.

You could do what I did and get them printed on 120 gsm card with the lines between the coupons serrated so my customers can easily detach them, or you could just print them off yourself on your home printer on good quality 100 gsm paper and let the customer separate the coupons themselves.

It’s up to you.

What I did was tie this in with our super-powerful referral scheme where I offered … well, I’ll go through my referral scheme another day!

The only other thing you need to think about is to ensure that, if you get a lot of referrals from one particular customer, you keep sending these vouchers out to them when they need more, or you may well find the number of referrals you get dropping after the first 6 vouchers have been given out!

Here is everything you need to get a ton of extra referrals! Seriously, give these vouchers to everyone you know, meet, or serve in your carpet cleaning business to give you SIX more chances to get referrals!

CC Vouchers coupons

Don’t forget … we can all think of doing things, but ACTION is really all that matters.


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