The Top 10 Lessons For Carpet Cleaners Cont’d

Today we are continuing to look at the top 10 business mistakes … are YOU making any of them?

If you need a re-cap, the first five from yesterday were:

1. Watch the money – spend it wisely and not on sh*t

2. Work-life balance – all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy

3. Make time to grow the business – Just 90 minutes a day of PURE FOCUSED EFFORT. YEP. EVERY DAY.

4. Take care of your family and business team

5. Get good with your marketing and advertising – stop wasting your money on stuff which isn’t working!

Here are the next 5 common mistakes made by business owners … 

Common Mistake #6 – Thinking It Will Always Be A Bed Of Roses …

Know and accept that mistakes are going to happen and you will get it wrong from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re human and you will make errors… even with the best laid plans.

All you can do is sort out the problem to the best of your ability, learn, pick yourself up and move on.

Common Mistake #7 – Slating The Competition …

Love your competition

Be sure you are always gracious, courteous, kind and professional to them, and always take the high ground, even if they don’t.

You never know when they may get too busy and remember you as this great human being to pass their customers to.

Besides, life’s too short to be nasty to others.

Common Mistake #8 – Believing The Customer Is Always Right …

Honestly … who writes this stuff??

Remember that the customer is not always “right.”

They have probably got some poor quality information from the internet so now they think they know everything, but they are most definately NOT always right, so what really matters is how you tell them they are wrong!

Non-important errors by the customer can simply just be ignored, but when the customer insists a wool carpet only needs protecting every 20 years because that’s what John the Plumber says, then you have to step in and say something!

The customer cannot possibly be always right about everything. Are you right 100% of the time?

Common Mistake #9 – Letting Your Health Slide …

Take care of yourself. Make sure you are rested and exercised and have good dietary habits. You only get one body and mind so take good care of them.

Common Mistake #10 – Not Enjoying Yourself And Your Job …

Have fun. Remember that we are only on this planet for a ridiculously short time so have some fun and enjoy yourself, enjoy your life and business in this amazing place we call Earth!

Common Mistake #11 – Not Offering Something More (See what I did there?)

If you learn it is your customer’s wedding anniversary soon, send them a card.

If you learn one of your customers is retiring, ensure they get a card.

If you see something in the newspaper that will appeal or applies to one of your customers, cut it out and send it to them with a brief post it note that says “Is this of any use to you?” etc etc.

What more can you do for your customers?

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