Pre Clean Checklist

When you have done a survey of a customers carpets, what do you do then? Do you give them the price, then just turn up on the day of the clean and get on with it?

If you do, you are missing out on a great chance to show your professionalism, and also stop “buyers remorse.”

The higher the price tag attached to your services the greater the chance of buyers remorse. A great idea to stop “buyers remorse” (especially if you are a higher priced cleaner) is to gather the customers email address and send them (promptly) a “Pre Clean Check-list.”

Here is what I put in mine:

“Hello [name]

Thank you very much for asking XXX to clean your carpets / upholstery.

I truly hope you are thrilled with the work we do for you. On every job we do our goal is to ensure you are so thrilled with the work we do for you that you will recommend us to your friends and family! That’s how we have grown, and lasted all this time.

Here are just a few thoughts to ensure the clean goes smoothly:

  1. Please ensure there is enough electric left on the meter (if necessary.) Our extremely powerful machines need feeding!
  2. Please ensure there is lots of hot water available ready for when we arrive
  3. Please be aware of slip hazards when you step from the slightly damp carpet onto any other flooring type eg stone, woods, laminates etc
  4. Please also be aware of trip hazards from hoses and cables etc
  5. Please be advised our extremely powerful machines are a little noisy (but boy, do they do a great job!)
  6. I anticipate a drying time of between 4-6 hours or so with good airflow.
  7. Please keep off the carpets during the drying period if at all possible.
  8. Please ensure any pets are kept clear of the cleaning area during the period of the clean and please do not allow your pet to roam freely during the clean, as doors may need to be left open while we get our equipment in and out of the van etc
  9. Please can you allow me clear access on your drive if at all possible
  10. It is advisable to open as many windows as possible (weather permitting) to allow the rooms to breathe, dry the carpets and for the air to circulate
  11. If rooms can’t breathe, the rooms may become damp smelling. This will clear once the room is properly aired.

Our 10 step procedure means your carpets will clean up as fresh, bright, and clean as possible. We want you to be thrilled with the work we do for you. If for any reason you are not happy, please do let us know as soon as possible so we can sort out any problems.

Your cleaning date has been arranged for [day and date]    at     .[time]

The price has been agreed at £ [price]

I look forward to transforming your property.

Your sincerely
[your name]

When you send this email promptly to the customer after a quotation, it shows that you are totally “on the ball” and organised, and also will reduce the likelihood of the customer calling you to cancel as you have cemented the deal with the email detailing your incredible services.

Try it … it really works!!


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