Postcard Ad

One of the hardest elements we here at The Carpet Cleaning College found when we established our own carpet cleaning businesses was trying to get the tone right in our advertising between price and quality. 

We wanted a way for our prospects to see the quality of the work we did for themselves, and we wanted to soothe their anxiety about calling us due to the fear of a high price tag associated with such quality cleaning.

“The saying is cheap and nasty for a reason, right?”

We also wanted the ad to stand out on the door mat too, so we developed this high quality, oversized (A5)  postcard and sent it to 20,000 homes 4 times since it is always better to send to a few homes often then many homes once.

This postcard works because:

* It shows a real picture of your work, not a generic “blah blah” image

* It has a strong offer

* It lists your services

* It has a picture of you on it so people can see who they will be accepting into their home

* It shows a survey result, providing social proof of your services

*  It has a strong call to action … CALL US NOW etc 

This worked well for me in my target area … as always test and measure your results. See for yourself and see what you get, or take some of the elements from this ad and make up your own !


PDF and MS Word

PDF: – The Carpet Cleaning College Postcard Ad 2 – Discounted Offer

Word:- The Carpet Cleaning College Postcard Ad 2 – Discounted Offer

All the best.

Until tomorrow.

Paul Baker

Principal, Carpet Cleaning College