Improve Your Copywriting

  • Headline – this is the most important part of your ad by far. The headline has to catch the prospects eye with something highly important and relevant to the reader.
  • Testimonials – ensure you have taken our free course  “Using Social Proof”
  • AIDA – the correct order for al marketing copy – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • Sell the sizzle not sausage – make sure your copy really sells your products or services in such a way as to leave the customer dribbling for your services!
  • Deadline – create a sense of urgency with a deadline. Once dealing has passed stick to it or deadlines will become meaningless.
  • Bullet points – to highlight the salient points
  • Lists – a clear way to show a group of connected pieces of information
  • Make it personal – write as if you are writing to the prospect individually not as a group
  • Guarantee – develop a strong and powerful guarantee to soothe your prospects mind about choosing you above all other options, including the option of doing nothing at all
  • Photo with caption – the third most read part of any article after the headline and the p.s
  • Have a single and concise call to action – what do you the prospect to do? Call? Email? Like you on Facebook.
  • Have many ways to respond – facebook, email, text, call? Remember not everyone is on facebook or email.
  • Show your logo at the bottom (if at all) – remember the ad is not about YOU.  You really don’t need your logo at all.
  • Always have a ps – the second most read part of the article after the headline
  • Be direct – leave out the fluff. Prospects won’t waste their valuable time searching for information on your ad. Get to the point and do it quickly.
  • Ensure every word means something – if it’s not adding something to the ad, then it is detracting from it.
  • Is the focus of the article or ad on the customer – Remember the ad is there for one reason only; to get prospects to contact you, so ensure the ad is all about how you can help the prospect, not about you.
  • Are you talking to your target market in a language they understand – Don’t use trade talk or company slang and they really don’t give a toss about the amount of soil lift your machine has. If the prospect doesn’t understand what the ad is about, it’ll go in the bin.
  • Are you targeting the right areas for your target market – have you developed a target customer profile so you actually know who you are targeting with your ads?
  • It’s not about you – as said before but worth repeating time and again. Leave out the “we have 5 staff” nonsense because the prospect doesn’t care.
  • Have you done, shown or said something different to your competition – tell everyone what makes you unique in the market place. Why wouldn’t you?
  • Have a short story to hand – maybe tie it in with a testimonial or case study? People love stories.
  • Benefits not features – don’t bother people with the technical aspects of your equipment or processes, tell people how their lives will be made better by your carpet cleaning services. The room will smell fresher, the air will be healthier, you can have pride showing your frien

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