The Key To Your Marketing Success … 3M

If your marketing has not worked in the past, it is because you have got soemthing in this formula wrong.

3M stands for Market Message Media and is the foundation on which you need to build your marketing strategy. It is no exaggeration to say this is the formula for marketing success in your carpet cleaning business.

You MUST know about your prospects:

MARKET – WHO your target market is

MESSAGE – WHAT message of value they want to hear from you

MEDIA – HOW you are going to reach them with your message of value.

Let’s look at each in turn.

Market – Who Do You Want To Sell To?

You need to create a target customer profile because it’s a fact that you can’t please everyone. Trying to appeal to everyone who has a carpet is a massive mistake because by trying to loosely appeal to everyone, you will actually appeal directly to no-one. So …

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?
  • Elderley? (think body shakes, spillages, falls, stains and “accidents”)
  • Male or female? (change your language accordingly)
  • Smokers?
  • Kids (think stains?)
  • Pets (think odours, dust mites, fleas)

It is only when you know who your target market is and where they are can you develop a marketing piece which really appeals to them.

Message – What Do You Want to Say to Your Target Market?

Now you know who you are targeting, you can craft your message so that it directly appeals to them, and really strikes a chord with them.

When you try and understand your target audience and what needs they could have, you are then in a much better place to know what they might want from you and what their fears are about choosing a carpet cleaner.

A carefully crafted message will send your sales and marketing results through the roof.

Media – How Can You Reach Them With Your Message Of Value?

There is no point in preparing the perfect sales script then getting it out there in a media that simply won’t be read or heard by your target audience. For example, there is no use selling your very expensive, hand crafted walking sticks in PC gamer, which is primarily aimed at the teenage computer games market, or advertising a new keep fit class just located in Birmingham in a national magazine.

If you’re perfect client is the elderley, would they be likely to Google you? If your target market is young moms, would they be reading Sage magazine for the over 50’s?


Daily Summary


Market Message Media  will add huge amounts to your bottom line by saving you a fortune in wasted and ineffective ads. It will also ensure you generate far greater, better quality income at a much lower cost. So, WHO are your target customers and WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT do they want to hear from you? HOW can you reach them?

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