Double Your Business

Double your business within a year! Not possible I hear you cry!!

It is not only possible, but extremely likely when you learn just a few simple secrets and apply them, regularly and without fail. 

So, what is the answer??

You must establish and implement a first rate, top quality referral system in your business.

If every customer recommends you to just one more person, then you will double your business in a year.

Of course, you have a lot of work to do to ensure you can get that sort of growth, but here are some pointers:

1) Write a paper newsletter every single month, or at least every other month. Include a strong promotion or offer to get your customers to use you again to remind themselves of the quality of your work

2) Also include in the newsletter a flyer / postcard with your referral scheme on it, and let the customer know that the offer on the newsletter also applies to anyone else they refer you to

3) When you see your customers, hand them a testimonial and referral form, which confirms in their mind that you have done a great job, and also asks for testimonials too. Even if they don’t give you any names there and then it gets them thinking about passing referrals on to you and the fact you do want referrals.

4) Call round to see customers you haven’t seen in a while with bottles of your free stain remover “in case they have run out and you were in the area.” Leave them 2 bottles, one for them and one for a friend or family member “who needs their carpets cleaning.”  Point out your contact number on the front of the bottle for that referral to call you.

5) Run a referral competition – say £200 to the customer who gives you the most referrals in a year or a FREE SPA day

6) Consider gifts – I run a “Win £250 or an iPad” contest every year and that works really well for me.

7) Get a “refer a friend” button on the website

8) Get social media forwarding buttons on your website

9) Constantly remind your customers in your newsletters that good things happen to people who have been referred to you. Tell a story about a referral who was saved from a trade cowboy by your expert services or show the job a rental machine did for a referrals source vs your work.

10) Run an outstanding business. Be on time with your appointments. Be courteous. Do an amazing job.

Getting business through referrals is essential to your business success, but you MUST be worthy of receiving them.