The Top 10 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning Businesses Fail

Here are our top 10 reasons why many carpet cleaning businesses are not as successful as they could be in their business ventures.

Essential Tip #1 – Your Finances

The #1 reason why many carpet cleaning businesses go bust is due to poor financial management.

Obviously this subject is vast and you will need to get professional advice if you are unsure about your business numbers, but are a couple of pointers…

Watch your expenses

* Always remember you are in business to make money … Profit is not a dirty word.

Always be mindful of your cash flow (which is the amount of usable, accessible money you can use to pay your bills with)

Take the time to learn what your figures are telling you; your P+L, balance sheets etc

Learn about the available pricing methods and how you should Price for Profit

Place VALUE at the heart of your business, not price. We will talk about Addding Value tomorrow. 


Essential Tip #2 – Social Media 

When looking at ways to market your business online, focus your energies on one or two things, and focus on doing those one or two things really well.

There are constantly new online things to try, and with so many different things to try and shiny new object syndrome rearing its ugly head, it is so easy to try 100’s of different ways to grow your business but do none of them very well.

This makes your business look sloppy and half baked.

Instead, guide people towards just one or two of your best promotional outlets and impress them with your abilities to do those platforms really well. If you don’t know which methods to try, always remember the 3M method for marketing which we went through a few days ago.

Essential Tip #3 – Your USP

Develop your USP – this stands for “Unique Selling Proposition,”  but I actually prefer what our American friends call it … your “Unique VALUE Proposition” because “Unique Value Proposition” puts the biggest element of your business, VALUE, at the very heart of your business.

So, why prospects should your prospects choose you as opposed to all the other alternatives, including the option of doing nothing at all? What makes you different from all the other carpet cleaning businesses out there? 


Essential Tip #4 – Education

Listening to podcasts and doing FREE courses like this is a great start towards your business success, but to be very successful you will need to invest some time and funding into your business education.

On top of that, you will need to put time aside every single day to read books on selling, sales and marketing, copywriting, branding, project management and much much more.

Of course, if you decide to invest in your education with The Carpet Cleaning College then you will need to find time to complete and implement all the massive profit boosting hints and tips we send you in our emails, books and courses.

Be in no doubt education is essential to your future growth.


Essential Tip #5 – Keep Going

History is littered with business owners who have given up when things got hard and sold their shares for peanuts – only for that company to go on to be worth billions.

Of course you will need to take the relevant financial advice to ensure it is worth keeping going with a business that seems to be going nowhere, but stubbornness can pay dividends too.

There will be times when the phone is red hot, and times when you have to call your own contact number to make sure it is still connected. I do. That’s business life.

Just keep going, even when things get a little tough … fight through the hard times and save through the good times.

Coming Up Tomorrow … 

Adding Value To Your Services


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