Marketing For Carpet Cleaners

If you want marketing for carpet cleaners, written by carpet cleaners just for carpet cleaners, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we will go through how you can make your own marketing that really packs a punch.

Whilst there are literally hundreds of ways to generate more business and every business basically runs the same way (which is why you can learn so much from entrepreneurs from any trade or profession) every business also has slight quirks and marketing elements that would work better for one than the other.

For example, if you sell huge items which will last for decades it wouldn’t be a lot of good sending out a monthly newsletter!

However, because we want to encourage our customers to make carpet cleaning a yearly part of their domestic routine a monthly newsletter to your customers is essential to remind your customers you are still there, ready for their business!

Here is what we consider to be the most effective, and cost effective, ways to generate more business from both existing customers and new customers too.

Have a look at the more in-depth guides below for more details …


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