Essential Carpet Cleaning Business Strategies Cont’d


Strategy Six

Dan Kennedy says … “The worst reason to advertise is the reason most people advertise.”

Don’t advertise because you want more customers. That is the WORST reason to advertise because people don’t care what you want. People want what they want NOT what you want!

Advertising is only about proving your worth to the market place.  Advertise only when you have something interesting to say to your target prospect and ensure you have a compelling message. 

Strategy Seven

Develop your USP / UVP to ensure your business actually means something to someone by ensuring you put your best foot forward in a punchy, memorable way.

Creating a UVP is not as difficult as you may think – you simply take your #1 priority message and condense it down to a few words or a short sentence.

Take our course on developing your USP and you will be surprised and what happens.

Strategy Eight

Be success NOT failure orientated.

Many of us have all sorts of hang-ups from our childhood days that cause all sorts of limiting beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities, and entrepreneurs are not any different.

Know and believe you can ALWAYS achieve far more than you think you can.

Strategy Nine

Cash flow and profit is everything, and are even more important than customers.

You can easily have 10,000 customers who love you and still have no money in the bank.

Don’t be a sucker and work for little or no money just to say “you’re busy.” Don’t be a busy fool, but a quieter, richer business owner.

Strategy Ten

Price is not the issue most business owners think it is.

Low prices are actually a turn-off for many. I mean, would you buy laser eye surgery for £20?  Or eat at a Chinese restaurant that offers “All You Can Eat” for £1.99? Me neither.

The key to pricing your carpet cleaning is to work out the price that gives you excellent profit margins and then learn how to justify those charges.

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