Diploma Course

At The Carpet Cleaning College We Believe The Internet Should Be Used To Spread Learning And Education, So We Have Made This Business Boosting Course For Carpet Cleaners … FREE.

If you decide to join us as a FREE member, you will have access to your own, ever growing control panel:

We won’t ask you for any card details, nor will we sell on your email address (because we’re not scumbags.)

If you are tired of working so hard for so little money or are in the trap of accepting any customer you can get (instead of choosing them like they choose you) our FREE Diploma program is for you.

At times it can seem like you are all alone. Your spouse maybe doesn’t understand what you are going through. Your friends are very busy and don’t want to talk “shop” when you go out for a little drinky. All you need is someone who understands you right? You have probably also got a million questions running round in your head too:

  • “How much should I charge for my carpet cleaning services?”
  • “Will I make more money being employed for half the hassle?”
  • “How will I get my customers?”
  • “How do I keep my customers?”
  • What is a USP / UVP and why do I need one?
  • “How do I ensure I am truly Pricing For Profit.”

All these questions and many more are answered in the courses, eBooks, daily emails and the thousands of articles just ready and waiting for you as a member.

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We Offer All Round Help and Support

Most marketing companies go out and, well, try and market your business. Well, that’s what they’re getting paid for right?

Is that all there is to running a very profitable business then? Marketing?

So what if we join the ever expanding throng of “experts”  who will tell you they can market your business, and because we are all trained carpet cleaners ourselves, say we give you all the best marketing materials available to carpet cleaners and you get a ton of new business!

Brilliant right? NO!

If you are not pricing properly and making decent profits on your sales, more customers will not equal more profit, only more headaches or could even cause you even more work for LESS money!

For this reason we don’t just focus on sales & marketing, although they are 2 essential elements to your business success. 

At the Carpet Cleaning College we focus on giving business owners of all experience levels a “rounded” quality business education to help them make the most of the wonderful opportunities that only business ownership presents.



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Are You Just Another On-line Marketing Company?

No. As we said a moment ago although we definitely do send you a lot of courses, tip sheets and strategies to help you with your sales and marketing issues, we don’t just help with sales and marketing because whilst these 2 elements are undoubtedly important they are just 2 elements that make up the complex cog that is an efficient, successful, highly profitable business.

For example, creating a USP and branding are also incredibly important to your business success too, which is why we have developed a wide range of great profit boosting information on virtually every business subject you can think of to help you grow your business in a measured, stable manner.

What we don’t want for you is to have a massive influx of poor quality customers, those “low hanging fruit” customers we talk about quite often on this site, and not be able to get out of the lots of work for little pay trap.

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Can’t you just do it all yourself?

The quick answer is yes, of course you can and that is exactly what we show you in the Diploma Course!

I am still a little bit raw when I was massively conned by a marketing company when I first started out in business … man I must have had “I’m a newby to this business stuff so take the p**s out of me” written on my forehead.

So in 2006 I decided to go out and teach myself how to run a highly successful, very profitable business, and that is exactly what we will show you how to do in our Diploma Program.  With over 80 years business experience between the owners of CCC we have developed a ready made solution for you and made it highly affordable so you can profit from our experience.

Everything we have written is perfect for your carpet cleaning business and is easy to implement in bite sized chunks. You know, business success is not a black art … with a structured education program we can all achieve the most amazing things and achieve all the dreams we hoped for.



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What Will You Get As a Member?

Here’s what you will receive as a member … 

  • A monthly newsletter crammed with tons of great news and articles whilst still focusing on one particular aspect of business
  • FREE 30 – 45 minute chat about your business
  • Reduced mentoring
  • Exclusive members area where carpet cleaning heroes hang out and chat
  • Top advice and tips from the experts here at CCC and guest articles too
  • How to’s
  • 2 x FREE Ad critiques (normally £150+VAT each)
  • Motivation strategies for when things get tough
  • Inspiring ideas, tips and strategies on what’s worked in my businesses (and how to avoid the mistakes)
  • Lessons from history

As with all our services, the CCC Diploma Course is protected by our “Triple Lock” guarantee. If you’re not totally punching the air with a new found spirit of success and profit mindedness, we will give you all your money back anytime in the first month.

While we really do want you to succeed, you simply have to realise that there is no magic bullet.


Those who say developing a super successful, mega profitable business is easy is talking out their a**e. Nor will we ask you to look to the sky and ask the powers that be for help and you will magically find wealth. Sure, a totally positive attitude is vital but this program is gonna be hard work.

Just so you know … if making shed loads of money was easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?


Yes! I Want to Grow My Business. What Now?


If you do want to be making tons of totally scrummy profit and get better quality customers, then we can help you reach your goals in a sustainable way.


You will succeed because we don’t just focus on getting you more business we focus on helping you create a balanced, stable business where all elements of running a business work seamlessly together to create a highly profitable, highly stable business.

Your future is in your hands and we will give you all the tools to ensure it is a truly bright future. With The Carpet Cleaning College you really can make a massive success of your business for little more than pocket change.

“We know this course isn’t for everyone … as mental as it sounds not everyone wants to be successful or invest in their business. This course is NOT for the plodders. No, this course has been designed for the super serious business owners who want to grow their business and become far more profitable in a structured way quickly. We want you to be highly profitable so your business provides you, the business owner, with an excellent standard of living.” Paul Baker

Enough Already … How Much Is It?