Carpet Cleaning Business Success Hints And Tips

Strategy Eleven

Develop your systems.

All the wealth that has ever been created is based on systems – super simple systems that gets the same guaranteed results time and again.

ALL of your business should be a part of an effective system. Your finances, your marketing, your sales routine, your quotations.

Find out more about systems here … 

Strategy Twelve

Market Message Media is THE formula for success.

* Know who your target market is

* Know what message of value they want to hear from you

* Know how to reach your target market

Strategy Thirteen

Raise your prices.

A 1% increase will add around 10% extra profits to your bottom line; a 10% price rise will add a whopping 40% extra to your bottom line.

Since it is very unlikely you will lose any customers due to such a small price rise, isn’t that just an awesome way to make more money for your business?

Strategy Fourteen


It is ALWAYS far better to put out a perfectly acceptable piece of work TODAY than put out a perfect piece of work next year.

NOTHING will happen in your business until you make the decision to take decisive action and GET GOING!

Strategy Fifteen

Be Choosy …

You choose your customers in exactly the same way they choose you. If they are scumbags, keep them into touch and tell them to get lost.

A great idea is to get rid of the bottom 10% of your database. The scroungers. The wingers. The moaners.

You just KNOW you will never make any money serving these people, so why bother?