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Carpet Cleaning Training

Get Everything You Need To Run A Successful And Profitable Carpet Cleaning Business

Written By Experienced Carpet Cleaners

All Hints And Tips Comes From Experienced Carpet Cleaners With Years Of Experience

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We Will Send You Lots Of Hints And Tips To Get Customers Coming Back To You!

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With Over A Decade Of Business Course Writing This Free Course Will Work For You!

Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business For Free With The Carpet Cleaning College

Hi, I’m Paul and I have a ton of great gear which I don’t need anymore. I started carpet cleaning in 2004 and I still do carpet cleaning to this day on a referrals only basis but our business model has changed, so we have lots of great sales, marketing and general business boosting tips to give away … for FREE!

This course is for new and existing carpet cleaners to grow their businesses and make more totally scrummy profit so sign up below!

Paul Baker Is Offering Free carpet Cleaning Training

What Will You Get In The Weeks and Months Ahead …?

  • A quote form which walks you and the customer through the quote, highlighting all the benefits of choosing you
  • Vouchers for you to give out to your customers
  • Professionally made ads and flyers
  • Sales letters
  • Coupons to give away
  • Round Robins
  • Details of the Refferal Scheme I used to run a referrals only business
  • Ads
  • Fully branded marketing packs
  • Tips on branding your business (this is ESSENTIAL these days and quite easy to do too)
  • Our “Profit Maker” pricing spreadsheet
  • Advertising success trackers
  • Tips to raise your Average Order Value
  • … and so much more!


 I have spent a fortune on growing my carpet cleaning business to super success and I don’t want to just throw it away. I hope you too have a great life from carpet cleaning.

Let us help you grow your carpet cleaning business too!


Why's It Free?

To be totally honest I don’t want to ditch it! If I can help others grow their business I want to help!

What Do You Get Out Of It?

There is advertising on the emails. That’s it. If you love what you’re getting and you see something you want on an ad, click it and I’ll get a quid or two.

That’s the only income I receive from setting this site up.

Is It Just For Carpet Cleaners

Everything has been written by carpet cleaners for carpet cleaners, but everything we send you is easily editable and usuable for most businesses, especially cleaning and service based businesses so sign up. It’s great stuff!